Adabas & Natural

Software AG's Transaction Processing Platforms—based on Adabas & Natural—enable Digital Enterprises to leverage core systems in new ways. You can rapidly develop, modernize and reliably run mission-critical application workloads. High-performance data processing and modernization software make the most of existing IT assets.

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Adabas Comprehensive and scalable enterprise database management system optimized for big data and designed for reliability, high performance and low total cost of ownership. Available for mainframe, Linux®, UNIX® and Windows® (LUW) platforms.
Adabas Auditing for LUW Detect unauthorized access to your data immediately. Create audit trails, monitor event streams, detect and analyze event patterns, and take action immediately. Dashboards enable you to visualize event streams in real time and alert you to unusual behaviors or events.
Adabas Caching Facility Buffers Adabas data and indexes in main memory, decreasing the number of physical reads and increasing database performance. Available for Adabas on mainframe.
Adabas Client for Java Helps Java® developers and software designers who have the need to process data stored in Adabas through the use of Java. Besides Java classes available with the interface, the package contains a server for communication over REST. This REST-based interface offers access to Adabas from a browser using the Java classes for Adabas.
Adabas Cluster Services Runs in an IBM Parallel Sysplex® environment, executing up to 32 Adabas images in parallel in full data-sharing mode. Available for Adabas on mainframe.
Adabas Delta Save Enables administrators to back up only changed blocks in a database from the time of the previous backup. Available for Adabas on mainframe.
Adabas Encryption for Linux Secure your data-in-motion when accessing Adabas on Linux.
Adabas Event Replication Terracotta Adapter (for Adabas mainframe) Loads Adabas data (initial state) into a Terracotta cache and keeps it up-to-date. By caching data in memory, off the mainframe, millions of users can be served with sub-second response times and without adding load on the operational Adabas database.
Adabas Fastpath

Automatically stores frequently accessed records in a memory space to reduce CPU usage and optimize performance. Available for Adabas on mainframe.

Adabas for LUW Run Adabas on Linux, UNIX and Windows. Realize extremely fast transaction speeds with a fraction of the staff and system resources needed for comparable database management systems.
Adabas for Mainframe The fastest, most dependable transactional database management system and choice of enterprises with high-end service level transaction requirements seeking low TCO.
Adabas for zIIP™ Lowers mainframe TCO by enabling you to move Adabas workload from IBM General Purpose Processor (GPP) to less expensive IBM® zIIP™ processors for execution.
Adabas Manager

Provides a browser-based interface to administer Adabas. Available for Adabas on LUW.

Adabas Online System

Provides a mainframe-based interface to administer Adabas. Available for Adabas on mainframe.

Adabas Parallel Services Enables Adabas to take advantage of symmetric multi-processing technology. Available for Adabas on mainframe.
Adabas Review Performance Monitor Monitors the performance of applications executing within Adabas environments. Available for Adabas on mainframe.
Adabas Review LUW Performance Monitor Combines the best in performance monitoring with an extremely powerful presentation layer to lower costs, increase resource efficiency and system availability.
Adabas SAF Security Validates each end user using RACF®, TOP Secret or ACF2 security definitions before allowing access to Adabas. Available for Adabas on mainframe.
Adabas SQL Gateway Provides standard SQL interface to access Adabas with SQL queries using standard JDBC® and ODBC interfaces.
Adabas Text Retrieval Full-text retrieval tool with an indexing facility for text data storage and high-performance query language. Available for Adabas on mainframe and LUW.
Adabas Transaction Manager Synchronizes transactions across databases with two-phase commit. Available for Adabas on mainframe.
Adabas Vista Allows very large Adabas files to be separated into multiple, smaller physical files with no changes to the application. Available for Adabas on mainframe.
ApplinX Web- and service-enable character-based screens like 3270.
Com-plete Serves as a transaction processing monitor to manage system resources for OLTP applications. Available for Natural on mainframe.
Data Archiving for Adabas Provides an automated and secure way to store, search and recall archived data. Available for Adabas on mainframe and LUW.
Entire Access Enables direct interaction between Natural programs and relational databases using Natural’s own data manipulation language or standard SQL. Available for Natural on LUW.
Entire Connection Terminal emulation software that connects Windows® users to applications on mainframe, UNIX®, Linux®, OpenVMS and BS2000 platforms. Available for Natural on mainframe.
Entire Net-Work Message-based middleware that allows Adabas databases to be accessed anywhere on the network. Available for Adabas on mainframe and LUW.
Entire System Server Provide access to information and services of operating systems. Available for Natural on mainframe.
EntireX Bi-directionally service-enable Natural applications by providing or calling services in Java®, .NET, Web services and Software AG’s Digital Business Platform.
ESM Event Management Used to administer, monitor and control production operations in a data center. Part of the Entire Systems Management suite for IT process automation.
ESM Job Scheduling Constitutes the operational core of production planning and control in a heterogeneous IT landscape. Part of the Entire Systems Management suite for IT process automation.
ESM Output Management Transforms printing tasks in heterogeneous environments into an organized, efficient and controllable printing and distribution process. Part of the Entire Systems Management suite for IT process automation.
ESPBatch Reduces conversion time between mainframe and UNIX®/Linux® and submits and manages script control language job streams. Available for Natural on LUW and also used for application modernization.
ESPAuto Provides the capability to set up and control an automated batch environment. Available for Natural on LUW and also used for application modernization.
ESPControl Used to migrate, document and back-up Natural objects between environments for control process from development to production, quickly and easily. Available on Natural for LUW and also used for application modernization.
Event Analytics for Adabas Monitor event streams, detect and analyze event patterns, and take action immediately. By proactively identifying problems and potential fraud, you can provide a secure environment for protecting sensitive data.
Event Replicator for Adabas on Mainframe Replicate data changes from Adabas in real time to other Adabas, RDBMS, business intelligence or big data environments.
Event Replicator for Adabas on LUW Highly flexible event-publishing tool that enables real-time data replication to target systems. Available for Adabas on LUW.
Natural Application development and deployment environment known for ease of-use, cross-platform portability and developer productivity. Available for mainframe, Linux®, UNIX® and Windows® (LUW) platforms.
Natural Advanced Facilities Enables direct printing from a Natural application for CICS®, IMS™/DC and UTM environments. Available for Natural on mainframe.
Natural API Management

Develop and maintain APIs from Natural applications for easy reuse in new digital initiatives with this one platform that combines the API lifecycle elements of the Digital Business Platform and NaturalONE.

Natural Business Rules Automation Develop, maintain and automatically integrate business rules from existing and new Natural applications as services for easy use in big data, the cloud, mobile, social media and the Internet of Things.
Natural Construct

A model-based application generator that reduces development efforts by 50 percent. Available for Natural on mainframe and LUW.

Natural Engineer Automatically analyze and document Natural applications (including code, data, screens and batch jobs), clean up legacy code and save costs in application maintenance.
Natural Engineer ARIS Interface

Exports the flow of a Natural application to ARIS so business analysts can review and document the business process of the application, recommend optimizations and model and integrate new business processes.

Natural for AJAX

Build rich and responsive Web and mobile applications natively with Natural.

Natural for DB2® Enables Natural applications to access DB2 using Natural’s own data manipulation language or standard SQL. Available for Natural on mainframe.
Natural for DL1 Enables Natural applications to access DL1 using Natural’s own data manipulation language or standard SQL. Available for Natural on mainframe.
Natural for IMS/TM Enables Natural applications to access IMS/TM using Natural’s own data manipulation language or standard SQL. Available for Natural on mainframe.
Natural for LUW Run Natural applications on Linux, UNIX and Windows to lower TCO using this intuitive development and deployment environment.
Natural for Mainframe Ideal application development and deployment environment for large-scale online transaction processing (OLTP) applications.
Natural for VSAM Enables Natural applications to access VSAM using Natural’s own data manipulation language or standard SQL. Available for Natural on mainframe.
Natural for ISPF™ A Natural editor for developers used to writing code in ISPF environments. Available on Natural for mainframe.
Natural for zIIP Enables developers to move Natural batch and online workloads from the general purpose processor to the IBM® zIIP processor. Available for Natural on mainframe.
Natural Optimizer Compiler Compiles Natural statements and sequences of statements into machine code that is faster to process. Available for Natural on mainframe.
Natural Review Monitor Used to monitor the performance and user activities of Natural applications running under CICS®. Available for Natural on mainframe.
Natural SAF Security Allows connection with external SAF compliant security systems. Available for Natural on mainframe.
Natural Screen Tester Automates testing to dramatically reduce the effort required to ensure application functionality works correctly.
Natural Security Secures Natural applications during development and run-time by controlling user access. Available for Natural on mainframe and LUW.
NaturalONE Intuitively develop, modernize, manage and integrate applications with an Eclipse-based tool.
Predict Reduces application development and maintenance by up to 50 percent; centralizes key information in one repository. Available for Natural on mainframe and LUW.
Predict Application Control Used for application versioning to ensure controlled and secured transfer of applications and updates into production. Available for Natural on mainframe.
SQL Data Access & Replication Integrate the massive amount of valuable business data in your Adabas & Natural applications by connecting it with analytics and business intelligence platforms.


Software AG offers Alfabet for IT planning & portfolio management and enterprise architecture management. Highly rated by the analysts, Alfabet helps organizations make the right investment decisions in IT by understanding their current IT investments and collaboratively planning for the future.

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Alfabet Product Suite Enables better IT investment decisions and reduces transformational risks by helping you understand when, where, how and why to make changes in the IT portfolio. This comprehensive suite links the interdependent perspectives of IT, business, finance and risk for “whole view” analysis of how IT can support business change. Manage all your IT portfolios in a single environment, including demands, applications, technologies, projects, finances and risks. Only Alfabet, a leader in both the enterprise architecture and portfolio management markets, enables you to align portfolio decisions with the future-state enterprise architecture models that are the IT strategy. Read more
Alfabet Cloud Combines the best-practice portfolio management found in the Alfabet product suite with state-of-the-art cloud technology to put IT portfolio management expertise at your fingertips. Delivered in two editions for the cloud – Alfabet Enterprise and Alfabet FastLane - Alfabet lets you decide which option best fits your needs based on budget, portfolio management maturity, program goals and stakeholders. Read more


Apama Streaming Analytics is a market-leading platform for streaming analytics and intelligent automated action on fast-moving big data. Combining event processing, messaging, in-memory data management and visualization, this platform is the most complete solution to turn relentless data streams—like those produced by the Internet of Things (IoT)—into meaningful real-time metrics.

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Apama Complex Event Processing Engine

Analyze and act on high-volume business operations and customer interactions in real-time. Correlate, aggregate and detect patterns across fast-moving data, so you can take the right action at the right time. Read more

Apama Capital Markets Foundation

A library of software components, including smart order routing, pre-trade risk, P&L services and more to enable capital markets organizations to rapidly build and evolve differentiated Intellectual Property (IP). Read more

Apama Microservice for Cumulocity IoT Use Apama as a tenant microservice within Cumulocity IoT for Smart Rules and custom analytics.
Read more
MashZone NextGen Business Analytics

This self-service, real-time data visualization tool combines data from different applications to create dashboards, which can be displayed on any device. Read more

Predictive Analytics for Apama

Identify significant events and take actions before they occur with a powerful predictive analytics deployment solution and execution engine that complements the other capabilities of Apama Streaming Analytics. Read more


Software AG's ARIS offers a truly collaborative process improvement environment. Make your processes transparent, controlled, manageable and agile. Business and IT get the tools they need to collaborate for true end-to-end business and IT improvement, guided by governance. ARIS also enables enterprises to confidently meet internal and external legal requirements and standards while efficiently managing risks.

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ARIS Architect & ARIS Designer

Create, analyze, manage and administer the whole enterprise model, from strategy over business processes to information architectures, application landscapes and services. Read more

ARIS Aware Get actionable insights for fact-based decisions with dashboards integrated with ARIS content and encompassing external and operational business data.
ARIS Business Strategy Bridge the gap between your strategy and operations, and document, analyze and implement strategic objectives, KPIs and other measures you need to differentiate and innovate.
ARIS Cloud Design, analyze, share and collaboratively improve processes in the cloud. ARIS Cloud is available in different editions— advanced and enterprise. Read more
ARIS Connect Create a “single source of truth” for business and IT with one environment for embedded publishing, collaboration, design and governance. Combine individual user perspectives with social networking capabilities that allow people to contribute to process improvement based on their unique skills and experiences.
ARIS Enterprise Architecture Document your enterprise architecture to analyze and harmonize IT environments.
ARIS for ArchiMate®* and ARIS for TOGAF®* Define and analyze process and IT landscapes by combining ARIS with the ArchiMate® framework and define and build enterprise architectures that are compliant with TOGAF® specifications.
ARIS for DMS Keep control of your documents, and store and link your documents in the built-in ARIS Document Storage. Upload, download and delete documents, even videos and multimedia content, and share them in the community in their real business context (e.g., a business process).
ARIS for SAP Solutions Secure the success of your SAP Solution while designing SAP processes and synchronizing them with SAP® Solution Manager--ideal for customizations, testing, training and roll outs.
Read more
ARIS Mobile/API Access Create your own ARIS applications (mobile or non-mobile) for your specific use cases, and secure immediate access and interaction with process-based information.
ARIS Process Governance Manage the process of process management while automating ARIS administration tasks to ensure quality and consistency, as well as control the lifecycle of your process knowledge. Establish enterprise-wide policies for BPM and automate governance processes using a model-driven approach.
ARIS Process Mining Analyze process mining insights and view KPIs of real executed process next to the designed processes to make better decisions. Read more
ARIS Process Performance Manager Monitor and analyze the performance and structure of business processes automatically to identify best practices and specific optimization measures.
ARIS Risk & Compliance Manager Implement and efficiently operate an enterprise-wide compliance and risk management system. Read more
ARIS Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Automates repetitive, high-volume tasks that can be driven by business rules and don’t need human intuition. Read more
ARIS Simulation Simulate and dynamically analyze business processes to identify the best strategies for process improvement —before you make costly changes.

Software AG Cloud

Software AG’s cloud-based Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) suite addresses today’s business needs with unmatched speed, ease-of-use and full support for social and mobile collaboration. Subject matter experts and IT professionals alike across organizations can design and develop agile applications while easily integrating existing systems.

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Alfabet Cloud Combines best-practice portfolio management with state-of-the-art cloud technology to put IT portfolio management expertise at your fingertips. Delivered in two editions, Alfabet Cloud lets you decide which option best fits your needs based on budget, portfolio management maturity, program goals and stakeholders. Read more
ARIS Cloud A social process improvement application that enables people to collaborate across departments and geographies to improve requirements management and business processes. Read more
webMethods.io Integration An integration PaaS that enables cloud-to-cloud integration and seamlessly connects with private cloud or on-premise enterprise service bus installations. Read more
webMethods.io API A cloud-hosted API portal that helps you promote the discovery and testing of your APIs, manage the developer on-boarding process, and analyze the usage of your APIs to help you develop new channels for your organization's unique data and services. Read more
webMethods AgileApps Cloud A cloud-based and on-premises solution that helps subject matter experts create situational and case management applications. Designed for easy visual customization, subject matter experts can change processes, business rules, e-forms, reports, dashboards, connect with Facebook or Twitter®, collaborate with team members and access information from any mobile device. Read more
webMethods.io B2B A consumption-based B2B document translation and transmission service built on the industry-leading webMethods Trading Networks. Exchange business docs—like purchase orders, invoices and shipping notices—with customers and trading partners conveniently in the cloud. Read more


Unlock enterprise data wherever it resides. Software AG’s CONNX provides secure, real-time read/write SQL data access and integration. CONNX gets you in so you can get your data out and get down to business—fast—no matter what your database architecture.

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CONNX DataSync

Optimize your system performance by setting your database synchronization schedule to meet your organization’s needs with CONNX’s near real-time solution. Read more

CONNX Data Virtualization

Meet all of your data access, integration and management requirements whether you are seeking to plug into mainframe, mid-tier, desktop or cloud systems. Read more

CONNX Data Visualization

View  data in a meaningful way whether via the desktop to handle queries or to visualize key business metrics on a mobile device.

CONNX InstantdbSync

Seamlessly move data from a source database to any number of relational, non-relational, cloud, desktop or in-memory databases for easier access, data reporting and analysis.

Cumulocity IoT

Cumulocity IoT offers Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity for networked digital devices and sensors through a cloud-hosted IoT device management and application enablement platform.

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Cumulocity IoT

Cumulocity IoT is the leading independent device and application management IoT platform. Use Cumulocity IoT to connect and manage your machines effortlessly. Read more

Cumulocity IoT DataHub

Cumulocity IoT DataHub is your tool of choice to run sophisticated analytics over your long-term IoT data. At its heart, DataHub allows you to offload IoT data into the dedicated data lake of your choice. Rich analytical capabilities uncover knowledge hidden in that data. Read more


Software AG's Terracotta enables Digital Enterprises to access and store huge volumes of data in-memory, improving system performance many times over. Data can be accessed, analyzed and delivered from any data to any device—Web, mobile and POS—in real-time.

Explore Terracotta products

Terracotta Get to know the next-generation in-memory data management platform. Comprehensive and distributed, Terracotta offers a single architecture for all your operational and analytical data caching, storage and computing needs.
Terracotta BigMemory The world’s premier in-memory data management platform for achieving extremely low, predictable latency at any scale.
Terracotta Ehcache Accelerate your applications and use the freshest data with Terracotta Ehcache, the commercial release of Ehcache. Terracotta Ehcache is an improved version of the Java® de facto caching platform, Ehcache, and up to 300% faster.
Terracotta BigMemory WebSessions A fast, reliable Web sessions plug-in that delivers the scalability benefits of a stateless Web architecture without overloading your database or rewriting your application. Works with your favorite Web framework and your own custom session objects.


Self-service industrial analytics for time-series data enables plant managers and process engineers to analyze, monitor and predict process and asset performance in an operational context to optimize operations.

Explore TrendMiner products


If you can do a Google® search, you can query process data with TrendMiner to identify what’s causing production bottlenecks, improve asset availability while reducing operational costs and risks, and increase overall equipment effectiveness. Read more


Software AG’s webMethods enables you to quickly integrate systems, partners, data, devices and SaaS applications. webMethods products span agile applications, API management, business process management, integration and operational intelligence.

Explore webMethods products


Registry and repository designed to increase re-use of assets to accelerate and guide development of new business processes and services. Used for enterprise architecture management, API management and SOA governance. Read more

MashZone NextGen Business Analytics This self-service, real-time data visualization tool combines data from different applications to create dashboards, which can be displayed on any device.
Software AG Command Central Centralizes administration, configuration and monitoring of webMethods environments for on-premise and public and private cloud implementations, improving consistency and reducing risk.
Software AG Universal Messaging Low-latency universal messaging platform that guarantees message delivery across all mainstream enterprise, Web and mobile platforms.
webMethods ActiveTransfer Sets up and manages file transfers. Enables enterprises to securely send and receive files of any size both internally and externally. Read more
webMethods Adapters Integrates existing applications, such as SAP® and .NET, without coding. Used with webMethods Integration Server. Read more
webMethods AgileApps Deliver process-driven situational and case management applications that enable you to quickly respond to changing business and customer needs. Read more
webMethods API Gateway Securely expose your APIs to third-party developers, partners and other consumers for use in web, mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. With webMethods API Gateway you can easily create APIs, define Service Level Agreement (SLA) policies, and seamlessly publish your APIs to webMethods API-Portal. Read more
webMethods API Microgateway With a distributed architecture, you need to be able to scale up and down quickly while serving many more systems and gateways you don’t want to overload. With webMethods Microgateway, you can easily manage API access to your microservices without overloading main gateways. Read more
webMethods API Portal Promote and document your REST and SOAP APIs. Manage access to your APIs. Collect analytics to better understand your visitors and how they are using your APIs. With webMethods API Cloud, Software AG's API portal is now available as a hosted service. Read more
webMethods ApplinX Transforms screen-based programs into modern Web interfaces without touching existing code. Read more
webMethods Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) Allows organizations to develop, execute and monitor business solutions that combine process automation and workflow management capabilities. Add-on tools incorporate monitoring, real-time events, rules management and more. Read more
webMethods Broker Provides a high-speed messaging backbone and works with webMethods Integration Server. Guarantees message delivery.
webMethods Business Rules Allows stakeholders to define and change rules that drive processes. An add-on tool for webMethods BPMS.
webMethods CloudStreams Enables integration of SaaS applications, such as Salesforce.com®, with other SaaS applications or on-premise applications. Provides consumption governance and monitoring capabilities.
webMethods Designer Workstation Simplifies the development of webMethods projects by providing a local webMethods run-time environment and integrating Designer with VCS systems.
webMethods DevOps Edition Assure continuous integration and testing in your DevOps initiatives. Create and edit code on your desktop or laptop without connecting to a central shared server. Read more
webMethods EntireX Turns existing application functions into new high-value business services using true bi-directional service wrapping. Read more
webMethods eStandards Provides fast and easy adoption of industry standards for B2B integration. An add-on tool for webMethods Trading Networks. Read more
webMethods Insight Provides real-time visibility into service transactions across any system. Used for SOA governance and API management. Read more
webMethods.io Integration This integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) that empowers your subject matter experts and eliminates integration silos. You can seamlessly integrate applications hosted in public or private clouds, as well as applications hosted on premises. Read more
webMethods Integration Server A standards-based enterprise service bus that integrates technologies from any vendor, including ERP systems, databases, mainframes and legacy apps, SaaS platforms, Web services, Java® Message Service and packaged apps. Can be used with webMethods BPMS or webMethods Trading Networks.
webMethods JIS Formerly known as Jacada® Interface Server. One of the world’s leading automated Web-enablement solutions.
webMethods Microservices Runtime A lightweight runtime for services with built-in self-registration, self-healing and self-scaling capabilities that enables you to create and run easily managed, secure microservice-backed APIs. Read more
webMethods Mobile Designer Enables you to rapidly extend your existing applications and processes to mobile devices and manage the full mobile app life cycle conveniently.
webMethods OneData Reconciles, cleanses and synchronizes enterprise master data for multiple subject areas including products, customers, suppliers, hierarchy data, reference data and metadata.
webMethods Optimize for B2B Offers real-time insight into transactions and trends with trading partners. An add-on tool for webMethods Trading Networks.
webMethods Optimize for Infrastructure Offers real-time insight into the performance of Adabas, Natural, ApplinX, EntireX, webMethods Integration Server and webMethods Broker.
webMethods Optimize for Process Provides real-time monitoring, alerting and analytics for process KPIs.
webMethods Tamino The industry’s first native XML server. An ideal platform for efficiently managing both structured and unstructured data.
webMethods Trading Networks A scalable, easy-to-manage gateway that consolidates B2B transactions and connects enterprises with trading partners of all sizes. Used with webMethods Integration Server.
Software AG Universal Messaging Low-latency universal messaging platform that guarantees message delivery across all mainstream enterprise, Web and mobile platforms.


Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics will define the next generation of software. Zementis establishes a common, standards-based framework to deliver intelligent solutions across all industries and applications and enables organizations to harness the power of their data to rapidly deliver insights and support informed business decisions based on predictive analytics.

Explore Zementis products

Zementis Predictive Analytics

Make insight-driven decisions across your enterprise. Deploy artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics models based on open standards. With Zementis Predictive Analytics, you can glean real-time insights from any amount of data, anywhere, anytime, to make informed business decisions. Read more

Zementis for Apache Hadoop®

The Zementis Predictive Analytics scoring engine for Hadoop® delivers a common predictive analytics strategy across the entire Hadoop ecosystem, including Hive™, Spark™ and Storm™, without complex customization. Zementis Predictive Analytics cements an efficient process for instant operational deployment, addressing the highest execution requirements for batch processing, in-memory computation and streaming data. Use it to implement highly scalable, plug & play, 100% standards-based & vendor-neutral predictive solutions.

Zementis for
Adabas & Natural

Need to analyze high-value transactions in real time on mainframes to drive process efficiency, identify fraud and manage risk? Zementis Predictive Analytics for IBM® z Systems® delivers operational deployment capabilities for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning that dramatically reduce the complexity, expense and time to execute predictive analytics for transactional mainframe applications, such as COBOL, CICS® and Adabas & Natural.

*ArchiMate and TOGAF are registered trademarks of The Open Group.


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