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Fullerton Health and Software AG team up to help transform the healthcare industry

Singapore, Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Software AG (Frankfurt TecDAX: SOW), a leading enterprise software company, announced that it has been supporting Fullerton Health, a leading managed care provider in the Asia Pacific region, in their quest to revolutionise healthcare through the Internet of Things (IoT).

Along with other verticals, the healthcare industry is increasingly recognising the potential economic value of IoT – whose network is seen to comprise 50 billion devices by 2020, according to McKinsey & Company. To fully capitalise on IoT, Fullerton Health is leveraging Software AG’s technology to ensure interoperability, ease of access and data protection as the organisation strives towards delivering innovative digital solutions to patients through its Fullerton Systems & Services (FSS) Digital Healthcare Platform.

The FSS Digital Healthcare Platform is built on Software AG’s high-performance IoT platform, which helps support applications such as remote monitoring and medical device integration, translating to enhanced patient engagement and satisfaction through better delivery of care.

The FSS Digital Healthcare Platform is likewise integrated with Software AG’s ARIS GRC Software, a collaborative process improvement environment that has enabled Fullerton Health to maximise control, transparency, and efficiency in its compliance and risk management process. As Software AG’s ARIS GRC Software ensures adherence to local and international regulations and standards, including the recent General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and SOX compliance process, Fullerton Health is able to experience an integrated approach to managing compliance, risk, policy and audits.

Given the vital role of analytics in scrutinising copious data generated from patient coverage plans, diagnoses, billings and expenses, the FSS Digital Healthcare Platform has been leveraging Software AG’s Terracotta, which provides multiple users real-time access to massive data sets on Fullerton Health’s vast app ecosystem.

“Working with Software AG has brought us closer towards successfully digitalising Fullerton Health. Given their all-encompassing, holistic solutions, we are confident that our partnership will be able to provide better real-time, digital and connected solutions that lead to better patient outcomes and enable real-time collaboration between doctors, clinicians and patients through secure IoT,” said Dr. Samuel Chong, Acting CEO of Fullerton Systems & Services and Group CTO at Fullerton Health.

Leveraging Software AG’s IoT platform, ARIS GRC and Terracotta in the FSS Digital Healthcare Platform allows Fullerton Health to successfully optimise the workflow and address key challenges around inventory management, data management, and the secure integration of medical devices.

“We are very proud to be part of Fullerton Health’s journey towards digitalisation and creating new value to drive better functionality and user experiences in the healthcare industry,” said Anneliese Schulz, Vice President of Software AG Asia. “Through this partnership, we will be able to empower Fullerton Health’s patients and partners alike through automation, streamlined processing and greater access to clinical and claims data, which leads to better decision-making across the healthcare industry.”

About Fullerton Health:
Fullerton Health is a leading vertically integrated healthcare platform in the Asia Pacific region. Founded in Singapore in 2011, today they serve clients through over 500 healthcare facilities and a large global network of healthcare providers across eight markets in Asia. Fullerton Health’s value proposition is the integration of healthcare service offerings with customized management and advisory capabilities, in line with its mission to transform Asian healthcare and make it affordable and accessible for the patients. For more information on Fullerton Health, please visit

About Software AG:
Software AG (Frankfurt TecDAX: SOW) helps companies with their digital transformation. With Software AG’s Digital Business Platform, companies can better interact with their customers and bring them on new ‘digital’ journeys, promote unique value propositions, and create new business opportunities. In the Internet of Things (IoT) market, Software AG enables enterprises to integrate, connect and manage IoT components as well as analyse data and predict future events based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). The Digital Business Platform is built on decades of uncompromising software development, IT experience and technological leadership. Software AG has more than 4,500 employees, is active in 70 countries and had revenues of €879 million in 2017. To learn more, visit

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