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“We are very proud that Software AG has recognized Cognizant as the implementation partner of the year for the past three years. We look forward to working more and more with Software AG to continue this winning streak and deliver solutions to our clients.”

- Harish Dwarkanhalli | VP - Global Delivery - IPM & CRM, Cognizant

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Want to aim high with digital applications that make a real difference? That’s our ambition too. Software AG could be the partner you’ve been looking for to launch your big idea.


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“We used Software AG’s platform to develop a process-driven front-end solution for property and casualty insurance providers that met our customers need for a rapid ROI and low TCO.”

- Luigi van Geest | Executive Vice President International, Roundcube

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“We choose to partner with Software AG because their platform is unmatched in the industry for providing fast, flexible and scalable M2M solutions for any digital business.”

- Marcus Neudecker | Senior Product Manager M2M, Telefónica



Implement Software AG’s independent, open software technology in customer engagements. Advise and consult with customers while bringing deep industry knowledge, valuable expertise and local connections:

Implement for the future
Differentiate your business by implementing industry-leading technologies recognized as Leader in several categories by Gartner and Forrester.

Connect without compromising existing investments
With our independent software philosophy, you can create a digital ecosystem that integrates seamlessly with your customers’ current infrastructure.

Fully utilize and grow your team
With 59 billion connected devices anticipated by 2020, demand for implementing digital solutions will only grow.

Lead lighthouse projects
Accelerate changes in perceptions and beliefs by showing people what can be done—to become a digital enterprise.

Leverage Professional Services
Minimize delivery risk and increase speed of deployment with services for architecture assessments, project setup support, blueprint review and go-live checks.

Reliable territory
We respect your unique talents and work together to establish clear territories and responsibilities at the beginning of our engagement and continuously re-assess as needed.



Co-sell all or part of the Software AG portfolio by identifying leads for Software AG or working closely with Software AG partner account managers or account executives to drive the sales cycle:

Sell with confidence
Software AG products are consistently ranked a leader across 14 technology categories by leading industry analyst firms such as Gartner and Forrester.

Earn attractive rewards
Receive generous resell margins when you sell Software AG products and earn attractive commissions for establishing maintenance and support contracts.

Benefit from referrals
Receive generous referral and sales assist fees when you refer or actively assist in deals.

Recognition for achievement
Earn training discounts and positively influence resell margins with Medallion levels awarded based on your achievements and specialization.

Earn more — Become a PowerUP Partner:

  • Identify a market by geography, market segment, industry or solution where you have a clear commitment and skills to succeed—we'll reserve that market for you and promise not to compete through a jointly agreed upon business plan.

  • Earn greater rewards for managing the sales cycle from beginning to end.

  • Receive preferential treatment and expert support when facing competition.



Develop joint solutions or embed Software AG product(s) within your own product offerings to extend your product capabilities and create addition value for your customers. Don't waste time rebuilding existing solutions. OEM our technology and embed it into your software, services, cloud or mobile devices quickly and easily:

Differentiate & win with transformational solutions
Build upon or OEM Software AG offerings to quickly create solutions that meet the requirements of your customer's big data, cloud, mobile and digital enterprise initiatives.

Freedom to create
With our independent and open software philosophy, you can create a digital ecosystem that integrates seamlessly with your customers' current infrastructure.

Coached for success
Succeed quickly as we actively coach you through your analysis and design phases.

Go-to-market faster
Accelerate your top-line growth, deliver customer benefits faster and continuously outmaneuver your competition.

Retain IP
Retain your Intellectual Property (IP) rights when you build with us.

Recognition for achievement
Easily understand your reward potential with our open-book policy and simple margin models.

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