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Want to aim high with digital applications that make a real difference? That’s our ambition too. Software AG, leader in digital transformation, could be the partner you’ve been looking for to launch your big idea. Innovators accepted into the Software AG Fast Startup Program can expect:

  • Up to three years of free access to our market-leading software
  • Help and advice from experienced Software AG experts
  • Access to our expansive support community
  • Free training materials
  • A clear road map to full partnership with Software AG

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A strong partnership can make all the difference in the success of your big idea. Learn more about the Software AG Startup Program and how you can achieve success by partnering with us.

How you benefit

Free access to Software AG technology As a startup company, you can get up to three years of free access to our software to develop your solution, a reasonable use case and a sustainable business model.
Official Technology Partner status As an official Technology Partner, you become a member of Software AG’s fast-growing partner ecosystem. This partner status can help you raise money from investors.
Mentoring from our experts You get access to our expert community and have the chance to meet with our professionals from R&D and business development on a regular basis.
Smooth transition to next step After the development phase, we guarantee a smooth ramp-up over another three years into a sustainable partner business payment model.
Go-to-market support You get the chance to speak directly to Software AG customers and benefit from our market machinery through joint press releases. In addition, Software AG might invest directly in your business!

Why partner with Software AG?

50+ years of experience in enterprise software

Software AG is on a mission to turn data into value for the world’s most innovative enterprises. With a 50-years-BOLD heritage as a data pioneer, we’re fueled by entrepreneurship, an imaginative spirit and a staunch commitment to independence for our customers. We’re the startup that’s all grown up. We are:

  • Trusted by thousands of leading organizations worldwide, including the world’s top brands
  • More than 4,500 employees worldwide
  • More than 475 partners in an expanding global network
  • Presence in more than 70 countries

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Leader in key technology categories

Year after year, the top analysts position Software AG as a leader in key technology categories: analytics and decisions, business process analysis and management, big data management, enterprise architecture management, IT portfolio analysis, integration and more.

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A path to keep rising!

Once your idea bears fruit, you want to ensure sustainability of your success. Software AG offers a variety of partner models that suit every thinkable go-to-market scenario. As a participant in the Software AG partner program, you’ll gain access to a world of sales, marketing and support programs to benefit your business. For example, we offer:

  • The opportunity to provide services endorsed by Software AG 
  • Personalized attention from dedicated local partner managers 
  • Profits for performance - make money from supporting and driving software sales with industry-leading margins that are paid based on performance 
  • Discounts on tailored training offerings 
  • Free access to test and demo licenses 
  • Exclusive access to an online partner portal and partner resources 

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A strong partnership can make all the difference to your business!

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