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Our ISV and OEM solutions give you the simplicity and speed 

to get to market fast and stand out.

Be future-focused

Delivering a seamless customer experience is imperative in a digitalized world. But developing and maintaining your own products to meet this need can be complex, time-consuming and costly. 

Partnering with Software AG enables critical data interoperability across systems to fuel robust end-to-end customer experiences. Whether you are interested in co-selling, re-selling or embedding our solutions as an OEM partner, our flexible partnerships can evolve and grow with your business.

What to expect as a Software AG partner

Create freely
Create freely
Our open software empowers you to create a digital ecosystem that integrates seamlessly with your customer's current infrastructure.
Get coached
Get coached
We truly get to know our partners, so you can expect to succeed quickly as we actively coach you through analysis and design phases.
Speed to market
Speed to market
Accelerate your top-line growth, deliver customer benefits faster, and outmaneuver your competition by working with Software AG.

Retain your IP
Retain your IP
Retain your Intellectual Property (IP) rights when you build customer solutions using our software.
See your potential
See your potential
Our open-book policy and simple margin models make it easy to understand your reward potential.

Software AG provides:

  • Simple, out-of-the-box, enterprise-grade integrations
  • Rapid ramp-up and go-to-market support
  • Bullet-proof security and data privacy
  • B2B, cloud, on-prem and hybrid connectivity across 300+ key systems such as SAP, WorkDay, ServiceNow, CRMs and MarTech
  • Products ranked as industry leaders in iPaaS and Hybrid Integration, API Management, and B2B Integration

You benefit from:

  • A white-labeled solution that matches the look and feel of your brand
  • Lower operational costs and reduced development risk
  • New market opportunities and revenue streams
  • Differentiating your offering from your competitors

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