Declaration on data privacy for HR recruiting

Effective April 16, 2014

Software AG is pleased to welcome you to our Careers pages and thanks you for your interest in our company and the career opportunities at Software AG. Protecting your privacy and personal data is important to us. To ensure the highest possible degree of transparency and security, we have prepared the following privacy policy to inform you about the nature, scope, and purpose of the information and data we collect, use, and process. Please note that this privacy policy applies only to the Careers pages of the Software AG Group. The general data protection and privacy policy of Software AG can be found here.

Data protection and privacy policy specific to the Careers pages of the Software AG Group 

1. General Information

The online Careers pages of Software AG (Darmstadt) are also operated for other companies of the Software AG Group. Any personal data, including any data from attachments (hereinafter ‘data’) that you upload will be stored and used by Software AG for recruitment purposes only. Special types of personal data (information regarding racial and ethnic background, political views, religious or philosophical beliefs, labor union membership, health, or sexual preferences) is not collected deliberately, unless the country of your application requires this by law. 

2. Data Storage

The data is stored in data centers in countries of the European Union. 

3. General Data Access

Persons within Software AG who are key to filling vacant positions will have access to stored data. Furthermore, to ensure proper business operations, a few select employees (administrators) of Software AG will be able to access your data from Germany.
The data may not be used by these employees for their own purposes and they have been committed to secrecy. In addition, an appropriate level of data protection and privacy has been ensured. Your data is protected from unauthorized access by means of encrypted transmission, a role and authentication concept, a data security concept, and physical protective measures for the servers.

3.1 Registration

When you register, you open a user account within the Talent Community of Software AG, through which any further actions on your part will be launched – e.g., applications submitted to specific job offers or creation of a candidate profile, etc.
By signing up to the Talent Community of Software AG, you authorize the global recruiters of Software AG to see your general data (basic data). Basic data includes:

  • Mandatory fields: Last name, first name, e-mail address
  • Non-mandatory fields: Phone number, current employer, current position/title, and area of interest. 

When signing up for our Talent Community, you agree that recruiters of the Software AG Group may contact you in connection with staffing marketing measures and job openings that may be of interest to you. You can change this information in your profile at any time if you no longer wish to be contacted in this manner.
You can also delete your user account at any time.

3.2 Registration via Facebook/LinkedIn

You can also sign up to the Talent Community using your Facebook/LinkedIn profile(s).
After logging into Facebook/LinkedIn, a message will open to inform you of the following information that will be shared with Software AG: public profile (name, profile picture, age range, sex, language, country, and other public information), list of friends, and e-mail address. You should note that this is general information in accordance with the user guidelines of the social media networks (Facebook/LinkedIn).
In fact, Software AG draws only upon the information required for registration under 3.1. The purpose of this function is to save you the trouble of inputting the information manually.
The use of this function is entirely voluntary. If you do not wish to proceed, you can cancel the process and complete the registration as described in 3.1.

3.3 Job Agent

After signing up, you can create a Job Agent. If a job opens up that matches your criteria, you will receive an e-mail. You can disable or change this function at any time under Jobs Management > Saved Searches/Job Agents.

3.4 Applying for a Job

By applying for a specific job opening, you provide the company with your personal data. By sending your application, you agree that your data can be used for filling job openings. You can view and update the data you have provided at any time. Software AG will handle your data confidentially around the world in accordance with applicable data protection and privacy laws.
Except for you, only authorized recruiters of Software AG, the managers responsible for the job openings, and any secondary interviewers will have access to your data. Both the recruiters and responsible manager may work for other companies of the Software AG Group, which means that your data can be shared globally within the Software AG Group. You can withdraw your application at any time.
Once the application process has been completed, or if you have withdrawn your application, your data will be deleted in accordance with the respective applicable statutory provisions.
If you are hired, the master data will be integrated with the human resources system of the respective organization, and your application documents will be added to your personnel file.

3.5 Candidate Profile

By creating a candidate profile via your user account, you provide your personal data to Software AG not only for a specific job application, but also for the purpose of future job searches. In this way, you state your express interest in working for the Software AG Group. You can view, update or delete the data provided by you at any time. Software AG will handle your data confidentially around the world in accordance with applicable data protection and privacy laws.
Within the Software AG Group, your data will be used in global searches for suitable candidates. Under no circumstances will the data be shared with a third party outside the Software AG Group. Except for you, only authorized recruiters will have access to your data. If there is a job opening within the Software AG Group that matches your profile, your data may also be shared with the responsible managers.
Software AG will prompt you by e-mail to update your data if you have not updated your profile over an extended period of time. Your profile, and all data contained therein, will be deleted if you do not update your profile within the stated period of time.

3.6 SocialMatcher

SocialMatcher compares keywords in your LinkedIn and/or Facebook profile against keywords of current job openings in a fully automated manner, and then displays the current job openings that may be suitable for you.
SocialMatcher also provides this function with respect to your contacts, displaying the contacts for whom we have suitable job openings. You can then inform your contacts about this. In this case, a message will be sent to your respective contact via your LinkedIn or Facebook profile.
Software AG does not use SocialMatcher to store any data from your LinkedIn or Facebook profile. 

4. Accuracy of Data

You must ensure that the personal data you provide is truthful, correct, clear, and up-to-date. You can edit your own information to ensure it is up-to-date. 

5. Retrieval, Maintenance, and Deletion of Data, Right to Object

You can view your data via your user account at any time. You are also entitled to block or delete any personal data, to object to the processing of data, or to edit incorrect data at any time. (Note: For cases in which country-specific statutory periods of retention apply or if the data and application documents are required to defend against any claims brought by the applicant, the data/documents will be blocked for a country-specific period of time prior to deletion.) Following the completion of the application process, the data will continue to be stored for a country-specific period of time. In Germany, for example, this period is twelve (12) months. 

6. Contact E-Mail Address for Careers Pages 

7. Data Administration

Given the nature of the Internet and computer systems, Software AG does not guarantee the availability of the website, the accuracy of information contained therein or the absence of third-party protected rights and copyrights. 

8. Cookies (Small Text Files)

Our websites use cookies. Such cookies deposit data in your browser's memory for purposes of technical regulation. This makes it possible to recognize your computer when the site is next visited. Such cookies allow us to adapt the website to your interests.
The online Careers pages of Software AG store and use cookies as follows:
Cookies store the session ID of a user. They are used to remember information about the session of the registered user. The session ID is stored in cookies at the time the user logs in. These cookies are deleted again upon logout.
By signing up to the Careers pages of Software AG, you consent to the storage of such cookies.
Software AG does not use Flash cookies, Local Shared Objects (LSO), Session Storage, or DOM storage. 

9. Communication-Related and Use-Related Data

Generally speaking, you may visit Software AG's Careers pages without us finding out who you are. Data such as your IP address, the access time, the quantity of data transferred, the browser that you use (log files), etc. is recorded by the external service provider for statistical and internal system-related purposes only. To the extent that such information might enable conclusions to be made in relation to personal data, this information is naturally subject to the relevant statutory data protection provisions. The data is not personalized. Software AG does not have access to the data. 

10. Data Protection for Minors

The offers on this website are not directed at children. We therefore assume that we will not become aware of any personal data pertaining to children. 

11. Technical and Organizational Data Protection

Naturally, Software AG takes those technical and organizational measures appropriate given the respective purpose of the data protection in order to protect the information provided by you against abuse and loss. Such data is stored in a secure operating environment that is not accessible to the public. In addition, each of our employees is naturally instructed on data protection and obliged to enter into a confidentiality agreement. 

12. E-Mails to Software AG

Because of tax requirements Software AG has to archive e-mails sent to Software AG and other companies of the Software AG Group for ten years. The e-mail systems of the Software AG Group are intended to be used for business purposes only. 

13. Modification to Data Protection and Privacy Policy

As a result of the ongoing development of the Internet and our Web offers, it will be necessary to adapt this data protection and privacy policy to changing conditions on an ongoing basis. Timely notice of such modifications will be given on this page 31 days in advance.

14. Information and Other Rights, Contact

Upon written request, our data protection officer will be happy to provide you with information as to whether we have stored your personal data, and if so, what data is stored. Should your personal data be incorrect, you may have this rectified immediately. Naturally any such information or modification is free of charge.
Moreover, you are entitled to revoke your consent to use of data in the future, in whole or in part. Should you desire this, we will delete or block your relevant data. 

In order to assert such rights, please contact Software AG’s data protection officer. Any questions regarding this privacy statement or the privacy practices of the Company's web sites should be directed to our Chief Privacy and Security Officer:
Software AG
Data Protection Officer
Uhlandstraße 12
64297 Darmstadt, Germany
Email: dataprotection (at)

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