October 16-18 I Barcelona, Spain
Booth C310

Join us at IoT Solutions World Congress 2018 in Barcelona, October 16 through October 18, to experience innovation beyond your imagination as we present the newest capabilities of our Cumulocity IoT!

Dive into the technology of the connected future when you visit us at booth C310 and meet with our IoT experts to see a demo of Software AG’s extensive IoT portfolio. Accelerate your digital transformation by enhancing your digital dreams with an IoT solution that helps you start small and scale big.



Join us to see our latest product demonstrations where we'll showcase actual customer IoT use cases to give real-world context, depth and breadth to the demo discussion. Learn from our IoT product experts as we take you through customer scenarios for:

  • Connected Store & Real-Time Supply Chain Inventory Management:
    By applying Internet of Things (IOT) capabilities with RFID and crowd-sourcing concepts, the accuracy and effectiveness of floor merchandise inventory, placement and engagement of shoppers can take a leap forward. Seamless integrations to point-of-sale, e-commerce, supply-chain and ERP back-ends will allow this connected retail experience to deliver detailed location, availability, information, guidance, promotions, and a simplified buying experience, building loyalty and enhancing a store and brand’s image.
  • Real-time Predictive Analytics At The Edge:
    Demonstration of streaming analytics and executing predictive analytics at the edge to drastically improved availability and service levels. By pushing real-time analytics closer to the edge, with context provided by historian data other systems, actionable data recognized earlier, and only the relevant data is streamed to the central platform for further analysis and processes. This demonstration will show the flexibility of deployment options for predictive analytics.
  • Smart Manufacturing:
    See how the Cumulocity IoT platform is used in Industry 4.0 applications to drive efficiency, quality, and performance through real-time visibility and analytics of contextualized information from equipment, manufacturing systems, and enterprise systems like SAP. See how the combination of device connectivity, streaming analytics, and world class integration delivers unmatched smart manufacturing capabilities.
  • How to build an IoT Solution in 10 Minutes with Amazon Alexa:
    Watch an end to end IoT solution created using Alexa. This demo will illustrate the open, web services architecture of the Cumulocity IoT platform, and the rapid time to value of the platform. You will see a device connected and streaming data to the platform, a live dashboard created, smart rules applied, and an action taken. You will also see how an integration to SAP is configured.

Meet our Experts

Learn from the experts in IoT! We’ve helped countless telecommunications operators, mobile device manufacturers and businesses around the globe realize the value of IoT with the Cumulocity IoT platform.

Let us help you overcome the challenges of your most complex IoT projects.

Visit our booth for one-on-one meetings with our thought-leaders and product specialists.

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