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Landsbond der Christelijke mutualiteiten (LCM)

Landsbond der Christelijke Mutualiteiten (LCM)

Landsbond der Christelijke Mutualiteiten (LCM) heads a group of 20 regional health insurance funds and is the largest social health insurance organization in Belgium with over 4.5 million members. LCM has 5,900 employees and offers clients a wide range of products and services, including compulsory and voluntary insurances, health expense reimbursement, payment of allowances and law enforcement monitoring. 

O desafio

Landsbond der Christelijke Mutualiteiten (LCM) needs to be able to quickly process an ever-growing volume of information they receive from the many stakeholders involved in health care provision. Managing and monitoring these transactions from start to finish was becoming increasingly complex and started to pose issues for LCM’s development capacities. LCM was looking for a highperformance integrated solution for exchanging B2B information on a flexible SOA foundation.

A solução

LCM selected Software AG’s integrated webMethods and CentraSite solution so they could exchange information fast and efficiently across their entire process landscape. Now they are able to automate, inspect, validate and index messages from their many applications and efficiently exchange information with their external partners. LCM can implement new services more quickly and is able to focus more of their resources on their core business.

Os benefícios

  • Increased flexibility with automatic processing of all message formats
  • Improved quality with automated message integrity and relevance validations
  • Optimized processing chain increased overall efficiency and reliability
  • Improved security with integrated access and permission checks
  • Accelerated creation of new services, including generic
  • Faster development with reuse of more and varied services
  • Ongoing real-time insight into service health and performance
  • Easier ad-hoc traceability and reporting using message histories

Testemunho do cliente

"Being able to rely on a single central solution is of crucial importance to us when it comes to data and process governance. It guarantees standardized management for all of our data flows."

Alain Conrath I Head of IT I Landsbond der Christelijke Mutualiteiten (LCM), Belgium


Landsbond der Christelijke mutualiteiten (LCM)