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CentraSite, the most comprehensive SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) governance and lifecycle management platform, helps you achieve the optimal balance between agility and control of your SOA.

Built on a standards-based SOA registry and repository, CentraSite helps IT professionals manage their SOA assets like services, processes, policy documentation, business rules, and tutorials. Software AG’s commitment to open standards through its leadership in the CentraSite Community enables IT to accelerate their SOA implementations in heterogeneous IT environments.

CentraSite gives architects and developers a holistic view of their SOA assets. An extensible meta-data model and adaptable architecture makes it easier to discover, import, and govern SOA assets like processes, services, and policies in context with each other.

Governing the SOA lifecycle requires a scalable platform that can cover design, run, and change-time governance requirements. CentraSite accelerates your SOA adoption by making it easy to find and catalog your services, manage their lifecycle, and automate policy enforcement at every stage in the SOA lifecycle.

Achieve business results faster with CentraSite from Software AG
  • Unified registry and repository – Catalogue and document your SOA assets such as services, policies and processes holistically, analyze their dependencies, get metrics, and improve reuse.
  • Open meta-data model – Customize taxonomies and align SOA assets to match your organizational requirements and processes.
  • Guided SOA adoption – Support and enforce advanced SOA governance polices across multiple SOA stakeholders with an intuitive user interface that guides service deployments and minimizes the time and cost of trial and error.
  • Connected lifecycle processes – Enable diverse stakeholder groups to collaborate, approve, and be notified of lifecycle events associated with policies and services.
  • Unique active policy technology – Automate and synchronize policy enforcement across the SOA lifecycle ensuring consistent event-driven outcomes.
  • Scalable SOA Governance platform – Expand your SOA across multiple organizations, creating true enterprise-scale SOA.
  • Jump-start your SOA implementation – Pre-loaded policies and proven best-practice SOA processes facilitates faster implementation and consistent application of policies like validation, service promotion, security, and versioning across multiple SOA projects.
  • Enforce architectural standards – Automatically validate new services for policy compliance and establish approval processes.
  • Enforce security procedures – Set parameters for various levels of access to information about services. Protect confidential information from misuse, while allowing access to authorized users.
  • Web 2.0-style collaboration – Enjoy intuitive communication between service providers and consumers.

As a leader in SOA Governance, Software AG provides the most comprehensive set of capabilities for governance, meta-data, and lifecycle management. CentraSite is part of the Software AG Business Infrastructure Suite, enabling organizations to achieve business results – faster. Learn More.  

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