Adabas SQL Gateway

Your entry to the world of data virtualization


Adabas SQL Gateway provides real-time access to Adabas data by creating a virtual data services layer that abstracts data from various Adabas data sources into an SQL layer that is commonly understood and easily accessible. You gain the power to grant users immediate access to Adabas data, no matter what platform that data resides.

In your quest to provide Adabas data to the people, tools, applications and processes that need it in real-time, look no further than Adabas SQL Gateway.

Business users can conduct real-time business analysis of your Adabas data from their desktops by using standard SQL applications, such as Business Objects, IBM® Cognos®, Crystal Reports, Access®, Excel® and Powerbuilder®.

Data warehouse managers can create federated joins between Adabas and different data sources, such as DB2®, Oracle® and VSAM®. The Adabas SQL Gateway not only keeps information up-to-date but supports transaction updates that write back to the data source.

Partners, customers and employees can integrate their data with Adabas data, regardless of whether it is structured or unstructured, and deliver it to the cloud and mobile applications.

Key benefits

  • Open Adabas to new channels, applications and business services with greater ease
  • Give business users direct access to real-time data through SQL-based business intelligence, KPI and dashboard tools
  • Empower business users and IT staff unfamiliar with Adabas to directly access Adabas data when they need it
  • Increase productivity
  • Lower operational costs

How it works

To create a virtual data layer understood by a multitude of applications, Adabas SQL Gateway delivers a single metadata model that abstracts the source data into a common framework. The metadata model is efficiently managed in the SQL Gateway data dictionary simplifying the import of metadata from data sources. Virtual tables are created to represent MU (multi-value) and PEs (periodic groups), placing a relational model on the Adabas data.


SQL support

Supports ANSI SQL, giving you the ability to write powerful and complex SQL statements and perform seamless, heterogeneous joins between Adabas and many other data sources. Simple queries and highly complex reports can be created using standard SQL-based data to a data warehouse.

SQL data dictionary

The SQL data dictionary is a central metadata dictionary that stores all metadata for data sources and targets. It allows you to import and re-use existing data definitions and metadata from Natural and Predict to open access to the desktop, the cloud and mobile applications.

Advanced SQL optimizer

Displays the query plan and allows adjustments to control query execution paths to ensure queries are optimized for maximum performance.

Federated joins

A data view across multiple data sources is maintained with heterogeneous joins.

Distributed processing

Reduce the workload placed on the mainframe by distributing query processing among multiple systems. CPU-intensive operations are performed where the gateway client resides (i.e., Linux® or Windows®), while allowing the database engine on the mainframe to perform the tasks for which it is best suited.

Full transactional support

Perform inserts, updates and deletes in a complete unit of work to roll back or commit to maintain the integrity and currency of data.

Large Object (LOB) support

Store and retrieve large objects such as pictures and video via SQL to support media-rich applications.

64-bit support

Supports applications on platforms with 32-bit and 64-bit architectures.

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