SAP Integration Software Best Practices: Tools & Solutions


When your business depends on SAP software, you need a powerful SAP integration solution to get the most from your investments in SAP and other critical software solutions. Your SAP solution for enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management or financial management may be a cornerstone of your IT infrastructure, but these solutions don’t always integrate well with other technology or SaaS applications. With the right SAP connectivity tool, you can connect SAP applications with any data source or system and make SAP data and functionality available via the Web and mobile devices.

Software AG’s webMethods Integration Platform provides a proven solution for SAP integration that lets you rapidly integrate data, systems, services, devices, processes and business partners to maximize performance and business value of your investment in SAP.


Software AG’s webMethods Integration Platform is a business integration solution that enables you to integrate anything with everything, connecting to any system or application silo with plug-and-play ease. With webMethods it’s easy to share data across systems, re-use services in order to accelerate time to market and re-use existing assets to lower TCO.

As part of the webMethods Integration Platform, webMethods for SAP Solutions provides an easy-to-use tool that is widely considered one of the strongest solutions for SAP integration, especially in heterogeneous environments.

This SAP integration solution provides:

  • Cost-effective integration for SAP customers who want to integrate non-SAP applications and trading partners with components of their SAP architecture
  • Broad support for established and emerging Web services, e-business and technology standards
  • Separate views for developers and business analysts
  • Easy integration without the need for recoding


With the webMethods SAP integration solution, you can:

  • Eliminate application silos through SAP integration with custom, packaged and mainframe applications and databases
  • Speed implementation and connection between your SAP and non-SAP solutions
  • Reduce implementation and operating costs
  • Rely on the proven performance of the webMethods platform
  • Lower risks by leveraging your development investment
  • Reduce the cost of integrating applications by limiting complex point-to-point connections
  • Improve time-to-market by re-sing existing assets
  • Enable enterprise mobile apps to access SAP data and functionality
  • Improve enterprise data quality by ensuring single version and reference data are consumed by SAP and other enterprise applications

In addition to SAP integration solutions, Software AG also provides solutions for an enterprise service bus, predictive maintenance and more.

SAP® is registered trademark of SAP AG in Germany and in several other countries.