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ARIS Aware

Clear insights for better decisions.

ARIS Aware


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What you can do with:

ARIS Aware

  • Visualize data in an intuitive and appealing way
  • Enrich your ARIS content with data from many different sources
  • Make decisions on the best data

The amount of data and information you need to take into consideration to make valuable decisions is changing and growing every single day. To stay competitive, companies have to make this data a valuable asset and transform it into corporate value.

ARIS Aware allows you to analyze all business-relevant data and visualize it in an intuitive and appealing way. This helps you to make better decisions and to gain rich insights into your company.

Stay up to date with information by relying on high-quality analysis—right at hand. ARIS Aware gives you the ability to combine data from many disparate sources and provides decision-makers at all management levels with the most accurate information.

Used for:
KPI monitoring; data analytics; self-service analytics; data visualization; situational awareness; dashboarding; process monitoring; process benchmarking


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