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Build and deploy future-ready applications, now.

Why Adabas & Natural 2050+?

In an age of ever-faster change, you need a forward-thinking partner with a vision ... someone who can help you take your powerful Adabas & Natural applications to 2050 and beyond. You’ve relied on Adabas & Natural to get the job done—for decades. Look ahead to a future where you can continue to make the most of that investment and the unique business logic built into your core applications.

We’re that partner, committed to helping you digitalize your legacy, fast and risk-free. Together, let’s manage the generational change of developers, modernize your applications to save costs, expand the reach of your core apps, and accelerate development in an ultra-modern environment.  

Make your core applications future ready
What would you like to do today?
Run on Linux and the cloud
Explore how to run your trusted Adabas & Natural applications in the cloud.
Build on IBM Z®
Maximize your investment in your IBM Z with greater speed, agility, security and connectivity.
Offload workload to zIIP™
Save mainframe costs. Open up capacity by offloading Adabas & Natural workload to IBM® zIIP.
Take a DevOps approach
Modernize and deploy new applications faster with NaturalONE and DevOps.
Integrate Adabas data
Integrate data in Adabas & Natural applications with analytics and business intelligence platforms.
API-enable core applications
Produce and consume APIs with your Natural and COBOL applications.

Looking to modernize systems?

See how Software AG also can help you modernize and integrate your COBOL, Assembler, VSAM, IMS, Db2 and other systems and data sources with new technologies.
Our customers—truly connected enterprises
Thirty years without a single software failure! Adabas & Natural customer Nissan Europe has committed with Software AG to a new project to boost efficiency and reduce costs at the flagship U.K. plant.
In just months, this travel company moved to the web and migrated to the Eclipse environment. "With this technology, we were very fast,” the managing director said. "Building this from scratch would have taken three to four years.”
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A cloud-native future
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Manage Generational Change
Discover customer tips on how to successfully attract new talent and engage your workforce.
Discover the Developer Center
Find Adabas & Natural training courses and certifications, product documentation, tutorials, technical articles and more—all in one place.
Ask the experts, get helpful advice
Network with experts, brainstorm solutions and get Adabas & Natural tips, news and code samples in our forums. 
Join our community
Connect and collaborate with Adabas & Natural professionals at global and local user groups.
Want to make your core applications future ready?
Build on your legacy. Accelerate development in a modern DevOps environment. Modernize your Adabas & Natural applications to save costs and embrace hybrid cloud.