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Today’s digital business is agile, fast and constantly changing. Keep pace with the world’s first Digital Business Platform from Software AG. It’s everything you need to manage digital change and develop adaptive applications that differentiate your business.

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Digital Economy Pushing the Boundaries of Change: An Interview with Software AG’s James Wooster

The value of the digital economy is predicted to reach $79 billion in 2015. By 2020, it will be worth $135 billion. So how can businesses get on the bandwagon and benefit? In an interview with Sky News TV, James Wooster, Vice President of Software AG in Australia and New Zealand, describes the drivers of digital transformation and the role of Software AG’s Digital Business Platform in delivering very quick business outcomes.

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Digital Business Platform Receives 2015 IoT Evolution Product of the Year Award

06/22/2015 - Software AG announced that the Digital Business Platform has received a 2015 IoT Evolution Product of the Year Award from IoT Evolution magazine, the leading publication covering IoT technologies.

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Differentiate and Win with Software AG

Digitization is disrupting organizations with unrelenting change. Customers expect real-time access and instant gratification, forcing companies to seek new ways to meet their demands. See how Software AG—for more than 40 years—has been been enabling some of the world’s leading companies to become Digital Enterprises. Our Digital Business Platform enables you to differentiate and win—scale fast, respond quickly and harness the power of big data in a data-driven world.

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Innovation World 2015: Stand Out in the Digital World

How can you stand out in the digital world? Find the answers at Innovation World 2015, Oct. 12-14 in Las Vegas. Discover how Software AG’s Digital Business Platform empowers your digital enterprise. See why you must attend Software AG’s largest event of the year.

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SAP and the Digitized Enterprise: Enabling Agility Through a Digital Business Platform

SAP makes powerful solutions for enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, financial management and more—but no one would claim that it facilitates flexibility or organizational agility. See how the Software AG Digital Business Platform delivers the flexibility and agility your organization needs while mediating interaction with the SAP ERP landscape to ensure the integrity and consistency of your core business processes.

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How to Stand Out in the Digital World … with the Digital Business Platform

The digital age is changing the significance of information technology entirely. Now, IT is what makes the difference between the success or failure of a new business model. Software AG‘s new Digital Business Platform delivers everything customers need to succeed in the digital world. The Digital Business Platform helps companies develop a new kind of application—called “adaptive” applications. Software AG CTO Dr. Wolfram Jost explains how.

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Digital Business Platform for SAP

“Flexible” is not a word that comes quickly to mind when thinking about SAP ERP. And in a world of commerce that is changing as quickly as ours does, flexibility and agility are the hallmarks of today’s successful companies. As a consequence, there is an impulse to try to find ways to tweak, tune and refine an established SAP ERP solution to accommodate the new demands of the marketplace. This white paper explores a different way to gain the flexibility and agility that today’s businesses require—one that does not involve compromising the integrity of your SAP ERP solution at all!

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Digital Innovation for SAP

Rely on SAP ERP? See how Software AG’s Digital Business Platform adds a layer of agility so you can react faster to an increasingly digitized, customer-centric, real-time and multi-channel world. The platform can help you accelerate process improvement, improve business and IT alignment, and better connect SAP with other systems across the enterprise.

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Digital Enterprise Success Stories: How Digital Leaders Use Technology to Differentiate

In the digital age, companies of every size in every industry are redefining their businesses with technology—and they’re achieving remarkable results: closer customer connections, faster processes, increased efficiencies and dramatic cost savings. This booklet is a testament to that. Read about organizations going digital with Software AG to gain a true competitive advantage.

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Why Digital Enterprises Will Be the Big Winners

Learn about the five trends affecting Digital Enterprises today. See how technology has fundamentally altered the way that we communicate—not simply because so many people are interconnected, but because all of our devices are interconnected as well. This environment creates radical new opportunities that can’t be ignored.

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The Digital Enterprise by CEO Karl-Heinz Streibich

This book reflects Karl-Heinz Streibich's optimism about the technology industry and the richness of his connections with industry thought leaders. Throughout the book you will encounter the vision of Industrie 4.0 that is driving innovation across a wide spectrum of industries around the globe. With over 20 examples provided, you will read about GE's vision of the Industrial Internet and how it will bring massive efficiencies to aviation, utilities and many other industries. You will discover how banks and insurance companies and oil companies and museums and casinos are innovating using a wide range of other technologies. Get ready to be inspired by some of the top companies in the world that are on the forefront of transforming into a Digital Enterprise.

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