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Terracotta BigMemory

Get instant access to ALL of your data.



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What you can do with:

Terracotta BigMemory

  • Access 100s of TBs of data—or more—in real-time
  • Keep data in-memory for guaranteed low latency in milliseconds
  • Create new apps to accelerate business decisions and improve the customer experience

Terracotta BigMemory is the simplest, most cost-effective way to get lightning-fast, predictable access to big data. Snap it into enterprise apps to speed up access to unlimited amounts of data in-memory. Scale up, scale out—even scale to the cloud. You can get started with as few as two lines of configuration change.

Used for:
fast access to high-value data; real-time fraud detection; streaming content to thousands of customers; accelerating ecommerce, online bookings and customer service; improving performance of mission-critical Java® apps