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Keep revenue flowing.

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Managing rapid growth and change in the energy sector is a tough job. Taking advantage of it is where we come in. From integrating your disparate systems to providing real-time visibility across your business processes, Software AG technology does it all.      

Our solution for energy and utilities organizations is based on a proven integration platform, B2B, BPM, Business Activity Monitoring and SOA governance. Using this portfolio, we can help you protect your margins and profitability while leveraging current and new IT assets to optimize your business.

Count on our solution to help you:

  • Improve responsiveness to customers
  • Enable better outage management
  • Predict and resolve potential issues before they occur by monitoring exceptions on business and IT Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Shorten asset downtime to protect revenue
  • Achieve active, easily auditable compliance
  • Improve asset utilization by integrating internal and external systems
  • Utilize real-time information to reduce risks and operating costs, improve customer service and facilitate better decision-making
  • React faster with live business insights to prevent outages, predict changes in demand and more

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