Software AG Capital Market Day

Capital Market Day
22. Februar 2012

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Key Take Aways – Capital Market Day 2012




Independent process platform 

Dr. Wolfram Jost

  • Describing the current deficit of applications: difficult to change, not designed for business people, often business change faster than IT
  • App functionalities often fail to meet business needs
  • Making processes more efficient and innovative (make them visible & measurable)
  • Collaborative Process platform – providing all IT-related capabilities - enables faster change in processes
  • Data Analytics is embedded in the product landscape
  • Cloud offerings reduce TCO (scale resources)
  • Next Data Management generations success factors: speed, scalability and flexibility

Software AGs Innovation / Business Solutions

Jörg Klückmann

  • Reducing complexity: from customer need to solution offering
  • Predefined industry process frameworks improve time-to-value
  • Solution Architecture based on required technical capabilities from integrated product portfolio
  • Inherent methodology and content to accelerate time-to-value
  • Business solution portfolio: deriving industry use cases

Innovation / Model-to-execute

Dr. Katrina Simons

  • Bridging different views on vocabulary, methods & objectives between Business and IT people
  • Benefits: continuous alignment of business process and technical process; real-time collaboration and shared modelling; governance and methodology
  • “ARIS integration into the wider Software AG product suite, such as webMethods, will make it of particular interest to organizations looking for a complete BPA, BPM and SOA solution, or for a strong modernization partner.“

Process improvement pays back
(Customer case R+V Versicherung)

Frederik Dahlke

Key benefits of Business Process Management (BPM):

  • Process transparency: Business and technical KPIs in real time, every single process instance can be analysed in detail; automated monitoring and alerting
  • Restart capability and transaction safety: process instances can be (automatically) restarted or resubmitted
    in case of subsystem failures
  • Flexible process adaptation (in BPM tool): rule modifications; process flow

Improvements from customer perspective:

  • Easy and cost efficient auditing (more + better auditing, cost reduction)
  • Reduced processing costs
  • Infrastructure and organization “automation ready”
  • Combine know-how in business and IT
  • Know-how and software to extract complex data from unstructured documents
  • Shorter cycle times
  • Monitoring of process efficiency

Innovation with Terracotta

David Maitland

Big Memory

  • Performance: Comprehensive capabilities for maximizing business-critical data in memory
  • Scale: Capacity for terabytes of data and 100,000s of transactions per second
  • Management: Manage and monitor your system and data. Ensure high availability and reliability
  • Simplicity: Simple and easy access and configuration. Easy deployment and growth

Value across the enterprise

  • Application: Speed up response times; increase transaction rate; scale to Terabytes of data and 100K+ transactions/second
  • IT: Maximize memory use; stop server proliferation; eliminate tuning; deliver against SLAs
  • Business: Accelerate decision-making; Harness the value in enterprise data; Advance business priorities in entirely new ways

EMEA – driving sales success

Darren Roos

  • Qualifying the pipeline (fit, competitive landscape, ability to add value, budget, influence & relationship)
  • Selling value (business value, technical and commercial value, e.g. flexibility in deal structure)
  • Focus on large deals, enhancing deals and value, improve win rates
  • Up-selling and cross-selling (reference-able customers)
  • Team approach (not working in silos, sharing best practices, standard country structure)

Meet the CEO

Karl-Heinz Streibich
Chief Executive Officer

  • Software AG positioning - layer on top of legacy infrastructure that customers have (no rip and replace), continuous modernizing towards the digitize enterprise
  • Focus of portfolio strategy: business processes which are the mother of all IT improvements
  • Digitization of global enterprises: measuring KPIs etc. everywhere in the world, this is important as you can only manage what you can measure
  • Globalization has two impacts on companies: Scalability and Innovation networks
  • Software AG Go-to-market model: Beating competition and winning customers, EMEA is blueprint for the rest of the world
  • From innovation and technology Software AG is first class, now sales force must get same level as we have it in EMEA and DACH, this is what we working on

Mid-term projections:

  • Growth drivers: BPE and integration --> strong double digit growth in future due to innovation and tech leadership
  • Second innovation area related to our heritage (data management) --> data management 2.0 means in-memory and big data which enables real-time analytics and faster transactions
  • Strategy by end of 2015: double BPE revenue, and double group profit after tax
  • ETS: heritage product line, license revenue is declining, but maintenance is key and we work on stabilization of that cash cow