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                Create effortlessly connected experiences by integrating anything, anywhere, any way you want

                Don't let complexity win

We live in a connected world. And to deliver what your customers, partners, and employees have come to expect – you need to connect your world with integration. But the transformation that’s needed to connect the applications and data you need is getting more complex every day.

We are here to help you create incredibly connected experiences with an enterprise-grade iPaaS that integrates anything, anywhere, any way you want. By bringing together applications, data, and B2B with APIs and events in the same AI-enabled integration platform, you can run a high-performing enterprise and constantly improve it based on data.

The growing  complexity is real.
But so are the solutions.

Digital transformation (DX) is on the agenda for every business looking to stay competitive in a world that is moving at lightning speed. Many DX projects fail to deliver. Choose your platforms and partners wisely.

                    It's time to rethink integration.

GenAI may be a dream come true for many knowledge workers, but for IT it is becoming a nightmare. Safeguard against the chaos by integrating everything (apps, data and APIs) with a new category of platform—called a Super iPaaS. 

                The building blocks of the connected enterprise

Becoming a connected enterprise doesn't just happen. It is methodically and reliably built through platforms that make it possible. Data flows through an integration & API management platform that anyone can use. Things are connected through an IoT & analytics platform. Processes and IT decisions are connected through business transformation platforms.

When they are all in place, connected enterprises come alive. 

                    Integration and API management

The connected enterprise can't rely on yesterday's integration platform to solve tomorrow's problems. It needs a Super iPaaS - a new category of integration that brings all integration patterns together and allows you to integrate anything, anywhere, any way you want.

                    IoT & analytics

For an enterprise to thrive, it must overcome three challenges. First, it must increase operational efficiencies by collecting data from any “thing” and turning this data into insights and action. Second, it must develop improved customer experiences to grow value, footprint and loyalty. And finally, it must help you become more innovative and competitive by adopting new business models, like “as-a-service.” For all three challenges—our IoT platform is the solution.

                    Business transformation

In a world of constant disruptions, the pressure for permanent transformation is higher than ever before. The need to rethink business and IT strategy never sleeps. Neither does the need to operationalize that strategy. Operational excellence relies on process and IT management platforms that can turn your vision into measurable results, and give you complete control and visibility.

                    IT transformation

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, agile delivery of IT services and products are essential for business success. Competing in the digital age requires the ability to make quick decisions on IT change while ensuring adherence to business and IT strategy. Strategic portfolio management anchored in the enterprise architecture is your means to achieving an agile, cost-effective, and business-aligned IT landscape.

                    Wait, what's a Super iPaaS?

Yesterday’s integration solutions aren’t ready to solve tomorrow’s problems. We are building a new category of integration platform that integrates anything, anywhere, any way you want.

                Bring your integration patterns together

IT leaders are feeling the pressure of Generative AI. For all its benefits – speed, insight, proactivity – CIOs, CDOs, and CSOs are losing sleep trying to keep up.  Knowledge workers will create (and code!) new experiences and access new data - but without considering compliance, security, privacy or how it all connects together.

To accomplish this, a new category of integration solutions is required – what we call a Super iPaaS. It will drive simplicity into today’s increasing integration complexity and bring all of the integration patterns into one place.

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                Who we are

Software AG helps you create effortlessly connected experiences for your customers, employees and partners with an AI-enabled enterprise iPaaS that integrates anything, anywhere, any way you want. By bringing application, data, API and B2B integration together in the same platform, you can run a high-performing enterprise and constantly improve it based on data. Get end-to-end visibility and governance with hybrid multi-cloud connectivity, and enterprise-grade security trusted by the most powerful banks, governments, and corporations in the world. 


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