Airbus Defence & Space optimizes processes and IT with Software AG

Dieter Schmidbaur, CIO of Airbus Defence & Space, discusses how the company has built a foundation for continuous process improvement with ARIS as its business process management system (BPMS). It is also achieving greater visibility and insights for its IT landscape evolution and optimization by using Alfabet.

First of all, we have a strong focus on our business management system. A couple of years ago, the executive committee commissioned the state-of-the art business process management system. The mandate was to have a much more simplified and user-centric and digitalized BMS providing an end-to-end view of our processes in a homogeneous environment where the user-tailored content is meant to foster awareness and adherence to our processes and the foundation for continuous process improvements. Based on the market evaluation we have implemented ARIS already in parts of our company, and it got confirmed to become the overall business process management system of Airbus Defence & Space.

In our digital transformation context, a potential further integration between ARIS and our EAP initiative could serve further mid and long term optimization opportunities.

The complexity of our product portfolio leads to a complex IT landscape not only in infrastructure but all its applications and components that make up the information system which supports the conception, the build and the service of such a portfolio. Therefore, an enterprise architecture management system is vital and essential. After an intensive market analysis, we selected Alfabet, which is used as the foundation for all of our IT landscape evolution and optimization as our core repository.

—Dieter Schmidbaur, CIO of Airbus Defence and Space


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