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Businesses are challenged with integrating their siloed data, processes and apps. So they're setting aside big budgets to connect anything and everything. That means the addressable market for integration and IoT solutions is growing—and fast.

Grow with us. Join Software AG's partner program, PartnerConnect. You need market-leading software that connects clouds, apps, systems, devices and people. We need local experts, industry gurus and solution builders. Together, we have the skills and software to stand out and be wildly successful.

Top 3 reasons to join PartnerConnect 

                Phenomenal growth opportunity

Implement, sell and build solutions for a connected world. Count on low upfront investment and quick payback.

                Market-leading technology

Spark digital transformations and optimize business operations with our analyst-recognized, award-winning technology.

                Commitment to your success

Automated self-service access, partner learning journeys and certifications are among the ways we support you.

                2-tier partner structure

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“Partners are integral to Software AG’s success and we pride ourselves on building personalized relationships with each of them based on their own unique digital transformation journeys, many of which include IoT."

Jason Johns, General Manager, Global Alliances & Channels, Software AG

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Join Software AG PartnerConnect through these engagement models:


Receive generous resell margins and commissions for establishing maintenance and support contracts. Earn sizable referral and sales assist fees when you pass on client opportunities or actively assist in deals. 


Meet the increased demand for implementing innovative digital solutions. Lead lighthouse projects. Minimize delivery risk and increase speed of deployment by relying on Software AG Professional Services.

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