Trademarks at Software AG

Effective date: July 1, 2024

1. Introduction

A trademark is a word, name, symbol or device that is capable of distinguishing goods or services of one company from those offered by other companies on the market. The owner of a trademark may prevent others from using its trademark. Software AG’s trademarks serve as a guarantee of the high-quality standard of the products and services that we offer.

Therefore, we take great care to protect our trademarks.

The purpose of these guidelines is to ensure that Software AG’s trademarks are used properly by third parties – in particular, Software AG’s trademarks may not be used in a way which may confuse the market or weaken/dilute  our trademarks. Improper use may violate trademark law. 

2. Permitted Use of Software AG trademarks

A trademark provides the owner with an exclusive right to use and authorize the use of the trademark. If not indicated otherwise, the use of our trademarks requires explicit permission from Software AG. As an exception to this general principle, you may use Software AG’s trademarks if you adhere to the rules below.

2.1 General rules

Without explicit permission, you may only use our trademarks when referring to Software AG’s products or services, or when indicating that our products are compatible with other products. Supposing the third party’s trademark is ACME, ACME not referring to an existing trademark or company and merely being a fictitious placeholder for the sake of the example:



ACME for use with ARIS®
ACME compatible with ARIS®

Do not use Software AG trademarks in direct combination with any third party product/service name or third party trademark.


Incorrect: ACME ARIS®

Do not use Software AG trademarks as a prominent component on or as part of a third party’s product, service or document, or in a way which may indicate that Software AG’s trademarks are associated with a third party’s trademarks or the goods and services offered by a third party. If in doubt, please contact to request permission.


In the above fictitious example of a product presentation, it is not clear how the placeholder company is associated with Software AG. Such use may cause confusion in the market and must be cleared with Software AG first. In addition, a trademark symbol and an attribute statement are missing (see section 2.2 below).

2.2 Use of trademark symbols (® & ™)

The first or most prominent reference in a publication (press release, newsletter, manual, etc.) to Software AG products or service should be followed by a trademark symbol (™) or a registered trademark symbol (®). Trademark symbols may be omitted when the trademark appears again in the same publication to enhance readability.

Trademark symbols are used to provide notice of a claim of rights in a trademark and indicate the status of a trademark. The choice of symbol depends on whether the trademark is registered with a trademark office or not. A trademark that has been registered is followed by the ® symbol. Use of ® indicates that the respective trademark has been registered. The appropriate symbol for an unregistered trademark is ™. The symbol ™ can be used for all pending trademarks or for those that enjoy protection under common law.

The proper trademark symbol should appear directly after the trademark to which it applies. For guidance on which symbol should be used, please refer to section 6.

Provided a product name comprises of more than one trademark, the status of the trademarks must be identified separately by the proper trademark symbol for each trademark.


Correct: Adabas® & Natural®

In addition to the trademark symbol, you have to include an attribution statement in a prominent place after the first use of each trademark, or in a footnote.

The required attribution statements for Software AG trademarks are as follows:

When using several Software AG trademarks:

The name Software AG and all Software AG products are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Software AG and/or its subsidiaries and/or its affiliates and/or their licensors.

When using one Software AG registered trademark:

[Software AG trademark] is a registered trademark of Software AG and/or its subsidiaries and/or its affiliates and/or their licensors.

When using one Software AG trademark:

[Software AG trademark] is a trademark of Software AG and/or its subsidiaries and/or its affiliates and/or their licensors.


2.3 Style and Linguistic Conventions

1) Use Software AG trademarks as adjectives only

Software AG trademarks are adjectives that describe products or services of Software AG. A Software AG trademark may never be used by itself as a noun or a verb but instead followed by a generic noun/term. There is only one exception: “Software AG”, when used as a company name, can be used as a noun.


  1. Correct: ARIS® suite is the most comprehensive process management and process mining suite of the world.
  2. Incorrect: ARIS® is the most comprehensive process management and process mining suite of the world.

2) Do not use the plural form

Software AG trademarks should be used in the singular form and may never be used in the plural form. If you need the plural form, however, make the generic term plural instead.


  1. Correct: Our customer uses two ARIS products.
  2. Incorrect: Our customer uses two ARISIS.

3) Do not use the possessive form

Do not use Software AG trademarks in the possessive form. There is only one exception: “Software AG”, when used as a company name, not as a trademark can be used in the possessive form. For use of the company name, see also section 4.


  1. Correct: CONNX is a data integration solution that connects and moves data from legacy systems to cloud platforms.
  2. Incorrect: CONNX’s data integration solution connects and moves data from legacy systems to cloud platforms.

4) Do not modify Software AG trademarks

Do not change the appearance of our trademarks. Software AG trademarks may not be shortened, abbreviated, altered, including capitalized, or amended in any way. This also includes different capitalization, punctuation or hyphenations. Never translate Software AG trademarks into other languages.


  1. Correct: Adabas®
  2. Incorrect: ADA®
  3. Correct: Adabas is one of the leading database management systems for mission-critical applications.
  4. Incorrect: The Adabas application is one of the leading database management systems for mission-criticals.

3. Proper use of Software AG corporate logos

Do not use Software AG logos in connection with products or advertising materials unless you have an explicit permission to use from us. Software AG logos may be used only in limited situations. Software AG corporate name and logo must always be displayed in colors and in unaltered form, see media assets. In case a newer version of Software AG’s company logo is introduced by Software AG, the newer version must be used. Any adjustments in the size have to be in proportion.
The usage of the stylized “S” standalone is forbidden without explicit permission. Send a request for permission to

4. Proper use of Software AG company name

It is not necessary to refer to Software AG by its trademark logo at all times. Particularly in running texts, it will be more appropriate to refer to the company by its name, that is, “Software AG”. The company name should be used in the form of “Software AG” (without quotes).

No emphasis should normally be used to distinguish the company name from the remainder of the text (e.g. bold letting, cursive lettering, or using a particular typeface).  The trademarks symbols (® or ™) shall not be used.

            (1)   Correct: Alfabet® software is a Software AG product.

            (2)  Incorrect: Alfabet® software is a Software AG® product.

            (3)  Incorrect: Alfabet® software is a Software AG product.

            (4)  Incorrect: Alfabet® software is a Software AG product.

Use of acronyms, such as “SAG”, is not permitted. “Software AG” can be used as a noun or in the possessive form.


Correct:            Software AG is a world leader in digital transformation.

In this example, “Software AG” is used to identify the company. Being used as a trade name, it is not subject to the rules for trademarks as described elsewhere in this document. A trade name can function as a trademark if it is used to refer to products and/or services. In this case, the rules for trademarks as laid down in this document will apply.

5. Proper use of Software AG product trademarks & logos

Third parties shall not use the product trademarks without prior written permission, unless the above-mentioned exceptions apply. Please send any request for permission to

The usage of the Software AG product logos, especially in connection with the stylized “S” is strictly prohibited.

6. Software AG Trademarks

Below you find a non-exhaustive list of trademarks/service marks owned by Software AG and/or one of its subsidiaries. These trademarks might be registered in Germany and/or in the U.S. and/or in other countries. This list is subject to change.

As mentioned above, trademarks may only be reproduced in the form below. This does not apply to the Software AG corporate logo – please refer to the media assets page. This applies to both word marks and image marks. With regard to word marks, please follow the below conventions regarding uppercase/lowercase letters.

Adabas ®
Alfabet ®
Apama ®
Software AG ®
Software AG ®
Cumulocity ®
Cumulocity IoT ®
MashZone ®
MashZone NextGen ®
Natural ®
Software AG ®
Software AG ®
Software AG ®
Software AG ®
Zementis ®


Software AG reserves the right to revise these guidelines at its sole discretion at any time. Failure to exclude certain forms of use of Software AG’s trademarks in these guidelines does not necessarily imply that such use is allowed or lawful - Software AG may nevertheless take action against any trademark infringement or otherwise unlawful trademark usage.

If you become aware of any improper use of Software AG trademarks, or should you have any inquiries with regard to  our trademarks, please do not hesitate to contact