Reward Technology

Reward Technology

Reward Technology is a hi tech business focused on providing innovative and effective technology solutions by integrating digital media, mobile communications and RFID.

Reward Technology

Contextual Marketing and Management Solution for Retail

Personalized targeting, servicing and management

Syracom’s Process INQuiries Management System (PINQ) provides an automated case management solution for payment inquiries and claims. PINQ offers financial services providers a central platform for efficiently processing payment exceptions caused by missing data, payment amendments, cancellations or other unforeseen events. PINQ is powered by Software AG’s Digital Business Platform.

 Personalized targeting, servicing and management

Features and Benefits

Enable hyper-targeting and engagement
Through customer detection, dynamic segmentation, and targeted communication
Real-time detection
Automatic identification of a customer on entering the store.
Dynamic segmentation
Contextual data sent to decision-engine for instantaneous best offer(s) or other information.
Targeted communication
Personalised offers automatically sent to customer via any mobile device, by SMS, email, or push notification at point of entry.
Simple transaction
Seamless offer redemption at POS.
Instant feedback
Clear insight of customer expenditure and promotional impact.
Future-proof your data
Adopting a technology-neutral platform that can take advantage of any combination of hardware and software integrations.
Prompt customers and staff automatically
Automate the sending of personalized messages triggered by context, detectable events and times.
For example, use our Matched Messaging feature to create ‘matches’ between anything detectable, like customers, staff, products, movable kiosks, etc. This feature dynamically informs your customers that there is something valuable to them at that moment, in that place.

Prompt customers and staff automatically
Learn from customizable dashboards Understand your customers and automate decisions using our industry-tailored templates that allow you to capture the value of your new locational data.

Learn from customizable dashboards
Reward your customers
Give them with what they want, when they want it, and with the incentives that matter most.
Reward your customers
Remove barriers to user engagement
Achieve maximum penetration by removing all barriers to adoption by your customers — with no change in customer behavior required.
Reward Technology uses a patented, three-step solution (detection, decision, and communication) that fits easily into the lifestyle habits of most consumers. The solution uses a simple smartcard, just with built in long-range passive RFID, and a sophisticated platform to work effectively with every type of customer and to every type of mobile device. It can also work seamlessly with a combination with other technologies where required (NFC, QR, magnetic strips, etc.).
Remove barriers to user engagement
Communicate up-front and personally Based on our detections combined with data from your CRM and other systems, you can now proactively and automatically communicate specific messages to your customers and staff.

Communicate up-front and personally
Seamlessly integrate Reward Technology’s platform is built with REST APIs to easily integrate with your CRM, security, networking, or other software. This allows for seamless sharing of data to make the best decisions possible in real-time.

Seamlessly integrate
Engage with a versatile platform Take advantage of multiple areas of your business using the same core technology and platform, providing the opportunity for improvements to security, hospitality, retail, malls, loyalty, universities, payments, members clubs, or emergency systems.

Engage with a versatile platform


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