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We aim to take control of information in motion through the best market strategies and the most powerful tools. We design and automate your Business processes and make them "Smart".

Intelligent Business Operational Center

Monitoring and operational centers for telecommunications

iBOC allows organizations to gain savings on operational efficiency, reduce the resolution and recovery times of services and as a consequence increase billing revenues while at the same time decrease penalties.

Features and Benefits

With iBOC telco's can:
  • Increase customer satisfaction 
  • Monitor compliancy against Service Levels Agreements (SLAs) 
  • Increase visibility, transparency and traceability of primary processes 
  • Receive information up to the last mile of links and communications equipment 
  • Gain operational statistical information base for decision making
  • Understand the capacity in regard national and international coverage 
  • Facilitate and promote an operation based on traceability and proactivity in support 
  • Establish the basis to pass from proactivity to predictive in the near future
How the solution works The concept, design, implementation and operation of the center is to provide a world class service certified in the management of ICT services (based on the ISO 20000 standard) for clients of any telco which has a real-time technology solution. This allows the management-support-operation team a 360º view for early detection (proactive y/o predictive in the near future), tracking and traceability of immediate actions to resolve customer incidents.

How the solution works
An example of an iBOC platform screen


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