Corporate social responsibility

                It's the foundation for everything we do

                Creating sustainable living connections

In the 50 years since our founding, technology has changed, grown, scaled and embedded itself in lives everywhere. But our story goes beyond technology. We create sustainable living connections, from helping customers optimize their sustainable use of resources to backing important social programs and working with educational institutions around the world to promote the next generation of IT talent.

The cornerstones for sustainability and responsible action were laid by our
company’s founder, Dr. Peter Schnell. He established the Software AG Foundation in 1992. As a major shareholder in Software AG, the foundation uses its earnings to support selected projects by independent, charitable organizations. And as an anchor investor in our business, it ensures that we can stay independent, inclusive and inventive for you.

Corporate social responsibility is part of our DNA. We are a diverse team of individuals who care about people and progress. And we intend to stay that way.

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