Corporate social responsibility

                It's the foundation for everything we do

                Value for Society

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is firmly anchored in our DNA. We help customers optimize their sustainable use of resources to backing important social programs and working with educational institutions around the world to promote the next generation of IT talent. We choose cultural diversity and employees who care about people and progress—now and in the future.

Dr. Peter Schnell, the cofounder of Software AG, laid the foundation for responsible action that lives in our company to this day. Back in the 1990s, he contributed all his stock in the company to launch the Software AG Foundation. It operates as an independent foundation and uses the earnings from its assets to promote ongoing human and social development.

                Social involvement

We believe in action. That's why we are so proud that so many Software AG colleagues around the world are engaged in volunteer projects—and we are happy to support and reward this commitment.


Software AG is deeply shocked and saddened by all the suffering and horror caused by the senseless war in Ukraine. As such, we categorically condemn all acts of aggression against this sovereign state and stand unequivocally with the people of Ukraine. Therefore, as an act of solidarity with those most affected Software AG has donated €500,000 to the UN Refugee Aid Germany. See how you can help by clicking on the link below.

                    MoveYourFeet for charity

Software AG bridges company sports, team spirit and charitable and athletic commitment with MoveYourFeet, a global charity event. For every kilometer an employee runs, swims, bikes, skates or skis, a donation is made by Software AG, employees on the Supervisory Board and the Software AG Foundation. In 2022 our feet moved 6,865 km to raise €28,500. In 14 years, our employees have now covered 127,001 km – that’s over three times around the world!

                    World Water Day

World Water Day in 2022 is dedicated to raising public awareness of groundwater and the critical impact it has on all our lives. Groundwater is the unseen resource under our feet, providing almost all the accessible fresh water on earth. In this article, we’ll look at how Internet of Things (IoT) technologies can be a powerful approach to help manage groundwater in an effective and sustainable way. 

                    ARIS for schools

Congratulations to the students of Class 19 BÜ D of thePeter-Paul-Cahensly (PPC) school in Limburg for successfully passing the ARIS exam! Since spring 2021, PPC vocational students have been able to earn an official ARIS certificate from Software AG's University Relations program. As part of their course, they learn how business processes are digitally modeled and optimized. As an additional qualification, the certificate supports their future working life and increases their chances when applying for jobs.

                    Concert Day charity for preemies

Software AG employees have raised €6,730 for the premature and neonatal intensive care unit at Darmstadt's Princess Margaret Children's Hospital. The hospitals support association is using the funds to refurnish the nursery to provide the best possible care for their young patients. A total of 80 employees from sales took part in Software AG's virtual fundraising campaign and collected points for customer calls, which were then converted into a monetary donation.

                    Using IoT to protect from climate change

Cities are especially vulnerable to climate change. Large concrete, glass and asphalt surfaces store heat. That results in heat islands that cause health problems and costly damage to infrastructure. We’re using the Internet of Things to recognize heat islands in real time and to predict and simulate them for urban planning purposes as part of the KLIPS research project funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure. 

                    Keeping people connected during COVID-19

Lack of computers is a big issue in times of home schooling and lockdown. To help, our colleagues in Spain donated 15 laptops to local schools in Tres Cantos, near the Software AG España office. Seven laptops were donated to a well-regarded non-profit institution supporting elderly people in need in the Castilla La Mancha de Alcalá de Henares region. Early in 2021, the community’s mayor paid a visit to our employees to offer thanks.

                Appreciation for our stakeholders

Our stakeholders are a part of our company. They shape our culture and our values, and we thank them for helping to shape our continued evolution.

                    Our promise

For us, corporate social responsibility means showing conscious respect for responsible and sustainable action. For that reason, we embrace values such as trust and respect, openness and transparency above all else. For years, these principles have been used in our customer relationships, our technologies, our partnerships, employee training and decisions on investments in our company—to the benefit of our shareholders and society as a whole.

                    Our code of ethics

Social values also shape our international business activities, and that is why we introduced our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics back in 2011. Effective as of 2023, we have now updated these guidelines so as to continue ensuring responsible corporate governance within the framework of ethically correct conduct in Software AG’s day-to-day business and relationships with all of its stakeholders and their different cultures. The Code of Conduct is mandatory for all Software AG employees.

                    Our Compliance Reporting

If you identify a violation of our Compliance Guidelines, we ask that you report it. We offer a state-of-the-art reporting system where you can submit your report completely anonymously if you wish. We are grateful for any information!

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