Streaming Analytics

Unleash the power of your data in real time.


Imagine how responsive your enterprise could be if you could glean real-time insights from all that big fast data—data streaming in from global markets, mobile devices, the Internet of Things (IoT), internal transactional systems and a myriad of other sources. You can be that event-driven enterprise by using Apama. Software AG's Apama Streaming Analytics—supporting predictive analytics—is the world’s #1 platform for streaming analytics and intelligent automated action on fast-moving big data. With Apama, you can analyze and act on high-volume business operations in real time.

With Apama EagleEye, organizations can monitor live streaming data, historical information, and communications to detect compliance rule breaches and abusive patterns across asset classes, geographies, and markets. Apama EagleEye seamlessly extends rules-based surveillance strategies by integrating with artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, predictive analytics, and statistical models based on open industry standards.

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What you can do with this real-time streaming analytics platform

Design & visualize real-time analytics
  • Design continuous real-time analytics scenarios using IT and business-analyst interfaces
  • Create end-user business dashboards for monitoring
  • Test on previously captured streams of data before deployment
  • Visualize key performance indicators; drill down into results
Connect to streaming & static data
  • Connect to sources and destinations of streaming event data with low latency, high throughput
  • Cache static data for fast, in-memory access and event enrichment
  • Integrate with different event streams and app environments via a robust integration frameworks and hundreds of adapters
Analyze patterns & take action
  • Aggregate data, do temporal analysis, filter and correlate
  • Trigger low-latency actions automatically without human input
  • Extract the maximum value from big data in motion or high-velocity event data
  • Create repeatable, self-learning processes that adjust dynamically over time

Key benefits

Predict what is likely to happen next Identify and act on future risks and opportunities using predictive analytics. Leverage historical and real-time data to forecast what’s ahead. Drive higher-quality business results, by improving speed, content quality and accuracy of decisions.
Increase operational visibility Gain a continual view of your processes. Monitor SLAs continually and predict when they may be breached. Correlate events from many sources, breaking down organizational silos. All in all, your organization can filter, aggregate, analyze and present on a continual, real-time basis.
Make instant decisions at scale Respond immediately to millions of customer interactions, identify and prevent fraud, stay in continual compliance with risk controls and regulations, maximize electronic trading opportunities, and analyze and act on Internet of Things (IoT) sensor streams.
Empower business and IT IT users can increase their efficiency by using the leading solution in its space rather than low-level coding. Business colleagues gain the autonomy to create and parameterize streaming analytics scenarios. The platform’s support of extreme scale and performance on commodity hardware enables more use cases with a lower TCO.


The Apama Streaming Analytics Platform is built on an in-memory architecture that enables real-time processing of extremely fast, large data volumes—orders of magnitude larger than traditional database-based IT architectures. The platform captures data from any device with low latency. It then performs analytics on this streaming data, also referencing historic information where necessary, to identify business patterns that have happened or are about to happen.

The platform’s visualizations and visual analytics for business users support both human-oriented and automated intelligent actions.

Capabilities include:
  • Rich analytics – filtering, correlation, aggregation and pattern detection with time and location constraints
  • Predictive analytics support – accelerating the deployment of predictive analytics models
  • Enrichment of streaming data with context data for deeper, richer analytics
  • Business analyst tooling
  • Rich real-time visualization and visual analytic tools
  • High-performance messaging for mobile, the Web and the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Support of extreme scale and performance
  • In-memory architecture
  • Operationalization of predictive models
  • Support for MQTT and AMQP standards and protocols for easier integration with the IoT
  • Deployment on local, server or cloud platforms

Business needs

Internet of Things (IoT) Separate the signal from the noise. Harness the vast streams of sensor data to provide new value for your business. Visualize data in motion.
Customer experience management Understand the customer’s buying experience. Detect and take real-time action on customer behavior. Analyze and adapt strategies with real-time analytics to improve the customer experience.
Fraud detection Detect fraud across multiple channels and millions of transactions a day. Identify new “unusual behaviors” through real-time analytics of transactional data, customer behavior and other historical data.
FX e-commerce Stay ahead in fast-moving Foreign Exchange (FX) markets. View connected markets in a single screen and offer the best prices while managing risk.
Market surveillance & monitoring Rapidly detect abusive or faulty trading and respond quickly. Detect rogue, abusive or erroneous trading and respond quickly. Monitor multiple markets, asset classes and jurisdictions.
Supply chain visibility Know where, how and why across the supply chain. Target KPIs and gain actionable information to perform root-cause analyses throughout the supply chain.
Real-time personalization Provide sales associates with relevant insights to connect with shoppers “in need” and combine data on history and current activities to personalize future actions in real-time.
Omni-channel orchestration Find the product your customer wants across any channel in your distribution network. Gain a single view of your product mix to pinpoint the merchandise your customers want from your inventory “haystack.”
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