Overall Economic Situation and Sector Trend

Economic trend remains positive

The upswing in the global economy continued at the start of 2007, with first quarter world economic growth expected to reach 3.4 percent. Sustained upward momentum in Asia and the Euro region made the greatest contribution to this growth, while the trend in the U.S. was more moderate at approximately 2.1 percent (Q1 2006: 3.7 percent). For Germany, annualized growth of 2.0 percent is forecasted for real GDP.

Successful CeBIT acts as indicator for the sustained upswing in the information and communications technology (ICT) sector

The favorable prospects for the overall economy also apply to the ICT sector. At CeBIT, Germany's most important trade fair for ICT companies, investments amounting to approximately €11 billion were contracted for hardware, software, and services. These types of major transactions will have a positive impact on 2007 as a whole.

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