2. Financial Performance

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Revenues by type

We were able to conclude a number of significant licensing agreements in the first quarter. Licensing revenues grew by 18 percent in Q1 2008, or 28 percent following currency adjustment, to €55.4 million (Q1 2007: €46.9 million).

Licensing revenues in the webMethods Division grew by 61 percent to €22.2 million (Q1 2007: €13.8 million). Licensing revenues in the ETS Division remained stable at €33.2 million (Q1 2007: €33.1 million).

Maintenance business makes high overall contribution
The maintenance business was particularly encouraging again in the first quarter: Revenues rose by 33 percent to €59.4 million (Q1 2007: €44.5 million). This shows that our increased focus on sales has had a sustained positive affect on the maintenance business.

In the webMethods Division, we were able to significantly increase maintenance revenues by 240 percent to €21.0 million (Q1 2007: €6.2 million). The ETS Division was able to build upon its results from the previous year with a currency-adjusted increase of 7 percent to €38.3 million.

Professional Services business makes solid earnings contribution
The Professional Services area exceeded its figures from the previous year by 35 percent. Revenues were €43.9 million, compared to €32.6 million in the previous year, and the margin also improved. Therefore Professional Services has once again made a strong contribution to the success of Software AG.

In the webMethods Division, Professional Services revenues increased by 57 percent to €25.0 million in Q1 2008, up from €15.9 million in Q1 2007. The ETS Division expanded its Professional Services business by 13 percent to €18.9 Million (Q1 2007: €16.7 Million).