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The joint project “Software Innovations for the Digital Company” (SINNODIUM) builds on the three ongoing projects within the framework of the Leading-Edge Cluster Competition, connects the various fields of research, and guides the overall project to an integrated conclusion. In practice, initial prototype solutions for the next generation of business software—“emergent software”—are developed that dynamically and flexibly work to make a variety of components from different manufacturers combinable, thus triggering a wave of innovation in digital companies across all sectors. Within SINNODIUM, medium and large software companies therefore work together with research partners on general application scenarios for emergent business software in the areas of Smart Retail (trade), Smart Production (industry), and Smart Services (services and logistics). The basis for this is a platform provided by the Software AG (CentraSite, Terracotta, ARIS, webMethods) and SAP (Netweaver Cloud) for the other partners (especially the small and medium software companies) as an infrastructure and development environment. Furthermore, small and medium software companies in the Software-Cluster and beyond will be capable of developing emergent software components, services, and tools for highly individualized business processes and marketing them internationally.

CAS, CyberForum, DFKI, DFKI IRL, DFKI Smart Factory, Empolis, Eyeled, FhG IESE, FhG IESE-STI, FhG ITWM, House of IT, IHK Darmstadt, IMC, Insiders, intelligent views, John Deere, KOBIL, mineway, proALPHA, SAP, Scheer Group, Scheer Management, SIEDA, Sirrix, Software AG, TU Darmstadt, TU Kaiserslautern, TU KL Gründungsbüro, Universität des Saarlandes, Universität des Saarlandes KIS, Urban Software Institute, vwd

Core Topics of Software AG:

  • Project Management (Leader of the Consortium) 
  • Continuous innovation of processes and services (adaptivity) 
    • developing of a modular system for software engineering methods 
    • building a bridge between semantic technology and traditional SOA-world 
  • Providing procedures for optimized user feedbacks 
  • Complex-Event-Processing 
  • Developing of concepts for Event Driven Architecture for agile, flexible and collaborative business processes 
  • Cluster communication: Detailed description internal communication processes within the cluster and the communication of innovations under the complex requirements of the heterogeneous of science and business

Project duration: February 2013 to May 2015