Since When Did Jewelry Become a Mobile Device

Double-degreed, techno-savvy, mobile-phone-dependent young professionals now entering the workforce will expect a totally different experience from what your business apps deliver today.

Next Generation Business AppsAt a recent event, Gartner analyst, Val Sribar broke it all down, explaining that next-generation business apps will have to look and act like consumer applications. That’s right. That means your apps will need to meet a whole new set of expectations. Generation Y (and Z) will expect business apps to work on any device—especially mobile devices. In the not-too-distant future, they may even expect to use devices they actually wear—like jewelry. No kidding.

The application experience will need to be seamless, no matter what the device they use or where they happen to be. Business users won’t care if they’re accessing data on an internal corporate system or in their own personal clouds.

Real-time analytics, easy collaboration and access to expertise—all of this will need to be built into the app itself. And someday soon, users will even rate your applications. Will yours get five stars? Because if your app doesn’t rate well, or work the way users want it to, they’ll personalize them their own apps. Or worse, build their own apps and call on IT for help when they get stuck.

Are you ready for this new wave of next-generation expectations?

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  • Forbes published an article just a few weeks ago validating this very same idea. The article was ‘These Smart, Social Apps Bring Big Data Down to Size’ which talked about importance of creating a bit sized user experience where people are delivered actionable intelligence (analytics), not just the information wherever they are. The article even claims apps will be delivered for a tablet before a desktop or laptop in the near future. I wonder how far away we really are from that reality. My guess is not far.

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