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Consulting for SAP Solutions

Effectively leveraging SAP for your business.

SAP Consulting Services

Expert SAP services scaled for your enterprise.

Maximize your SAP investments and leverage SAP solutions further. Our extensive portfolio of consulting services for SAP solutions offers you a complete range of expert services to meet your business needs with:

  • Tailored SAP solution design and implementation
  • Rapid SAP upgrades and SAP redocumentation
  • Analysis and optimization of existing business processes executed in SAP systems
  • Effective harmonization and standardization of SAP solutions
  • Management of template projects and international roll-outs
  • Identification and improvement of business processes that benefit from SAP HANA

We combine our process methodology, industry expertise and proven best practices with flexible SAP solutions that support continuous business improvement to deliver long-lasting results. In addition, our scalable service methodologies enable us to deliver the right level of SAP services for businesses of all sizes from small and midsize businesses (SME) to large enterprises (LE).

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SAP HANA ® is the registered trademark of SAP AG in Germany and in several other countries.


Process-Driven Implementation of SAP solutions

With our process-driven implementation of SAP solutions, we analyze the key business areas and design the “to-be” processes and process landscape. Our flexible, easy-to-customize synchronization between ARIS and SAP software improves process planning, enables transparency, increases user acceptance and facilitates a global rollout of standard processes. This helps reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and increase Return on Investment (ROI) through continuous improvement and enhanced SAP-to-business process integration.

Process-Driven Upgrades of SAP Solutions

Upgrading your SAP system enables new processes, functionalities and technologies, and reduces costs associated with outdated SAP systems. Our upgrade services for SAP solutions use a process-driven approach to rapidly analyze your existing SAP system, determine potential upgrade savings and identify those high-maintenance custom features which could be converted into standard processes. At the same time, we harmonize and standardize your business processes to create a solid foundation for future SAP upgrades.

Redocumentation of SAP systems

Save your valuable time documenting your SAP system. Our redocumentation service for SAP systems provides you with complete, automatically generated SAP system documentation in just 10 days. You can significantly accelerate the description of business processes and SAP usage and gain insight where to make improvements. We can help you speed up your next SAP or process optimization project, save time in modeling as-is processes, check the quality of your current process documentation and use your SAP system to its full potential. Request an appointment with our redocumentation experts.


Our Industry.PerformanceREADY solutions are the first genuinely process-oriented, end-to-end solution sets based on SAP best practices. Each solution set comes with an industry reference model in ARIS and preconfigured SAP software—all based on best practices. The benefits to you: fast solution roll-out at an attractive cost and with minimal risk.


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