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       Integration iPaaS

                Quickly integrate applications in the cloud with our integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS)

                Cloud-to-cloud integration made easy

With Integration, it’s never been easier to connect your SaaS apps. A powerful integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS), it provides a combination of capabilities offered by ESBs, data integration systems, API management tools and B2B gateways.

                        Demo: Move to the Cloud with a Multi-Function iPaaS

Watch and learn how iPaaS keeps your business running smoothly by keeping your apps connected as you migrate to the cloud.

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                        API World 2023: Best in API Middleware
             iPaaS was voted Best in API Middleware at API World 2023, the world's largest API & microservices conference & expo.

                Why you’ll love Integration

                Easy-to-use interface
     Integration features an intuitive, drag-and-drop user-interface to design, assemble and deploy workflows for cloud and on-premises apps. Our UI runs in all the latest browsers and supports guided development and wizards to quickly create integrations.

                Sophisticated orchestration

Application orchestration is the process of integrating your applications to automate a process or synchronize data in real time. Our approach decouples applications so you can manage and monitor your integrations from one central location.  

                Multi-tenant architecture

Many tenants can share a single development environment with each having their own production environment. This allows all users to interact with the system using a common, web-based user interface, which increases productivity and ensures your team can quickly come up to speed.

                On-premises connectivity

Already use webMethods on-site? Quickly connect your webMethods Integration Server to Integration to create reliable and secure cloud-to-on-premises integrations. All connections are initiated from your on-premises Integration Server, without needing firewall ports.

                Deploy on-premises or in the cloud

webMethod Cloud Container enables professional developers to build integration projects in a full-featured Eclipse®-based environment and deploy them in the cloud. Create sophisticated integrations using powerful developer tooling and run them on our fully managed cloud platform.

“Previous to Software AG we were spending 80-90% of our time on support. Now we’ve gone to a single platform that is much more robust, freeing our developers to focus on innovation.”  

Director, Digital Commerce,  Neovia Logistics

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