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                Managed File Transfer (MFT) Solutions

                Exchange files quickly and securely in the cloud with

                Managed file transfer is more important now than ever

As the shift towards a remote workforce has been accelerated, so has the need to securely and quickly share business-necessary files with centralized management and monitoring. Without it, both internal and external work can grind to a frustrating, expensive halt.

What modern companies require is a platform that is stress-tested for speed, complete control and security. With a managed file transfer built on webMethods, that’s exactly what you will get.

                Simply secure

Encryption shouldn’t be a mystery. It should come standard. Secure the DMZ, filter rogue IPs and comply with the tightest regulations. All out of the box.

                MFT analytics

You can't manage what you can't measure. Know everything about every file, every transfer, every partner, and every period. Make the audit trail crystal clear.

                Event-driven transfers

Get complete automation of the file transfer processes, custom-fit to your workflow. Schedule transfers at specified times and trigger file operations based on the filename.

                File acceleration

Divide and conquer to send and receive files up to 20x faster. Establish multiple endpoint connections and send files in pieces - which are then reassembled upon receipt. 

                Post processing

Receiving a file is just the beginning. Automate what happens next - copy it, rename it, drop it in several locations, compress it. Make it work for you.


A disruption doesn't need to be a disaster. When a file transfer gets cut off, pick up where you left off instead of starting over. Guaranteed delivery, with less frustration.

                Protocols for all

Use the MFT ready to handle requests from web browsers and FTP clients alike. You can choose your favorite acronym: HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, SFTP, SCP and WebDAV.

                Not-so-secret agents

Give administrators a helping hand. Use lightweight “agents” to automatically send and receive important files to and from your server – securely and reliably.

See how to achieve smarter, safer MFT in the cloud by managing file transfers through webMethods iPaaS

                Send files, not follow-up emails

Take the guesswork out of sending important files. Use a solution that is built on webMethods Integration, a platform trusted by enterprises and governments to keep information safe–at scale and at speed.

                    Complete visibility

Don’t leave anything to chance. Know precisely when files are sent, and when they have been received. And if anything goes wrong, resolve immediately.

                    Worry-free MFT

Don’t transfer files into a black hole. Send them with complete peace of mind with a solution built on a best-in-class integration platform. Free up your resources to focus on the things that matter most to your business.

                    Remarkably reliable

Get an MFT solution that is built on webMethods, the customer-tested, analyst-approved integration platform.

                    Complete virus avoidance

Keep your systems healthy. If a virus is detected, file transfers are terminated immediately so that any risk is quickly, safely and permanently contained.

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