A Leader in the 2024 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Global Industrial IoT Platforms
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Effective IoT solutions with Software AG and Microsoft

IoT digital solutions are central to generating new revenue streams, maximizing efficiency and improving customer experience but enterprises continue to struggle to develop and deploy scalable, enterprise-grade products. With the variety of development strategies, as well as competing technologies on the market, finding the right solution that delivers value for your specific use case can be challenging.  

Our customers often ask us whether they should build or buy their IoT solution. Increasingly, early adopters of IoT who have used a range of built or bought IoT platforms are coming to us to say that they are technically complex and require outsized investments of time and resources to stand up and maintain.

So does it make sense to pay an external IoT platform provider, or would you be better off building a platform in house?  We believe the answer is both “buy and build”. Combining technologies from Microsoft and Software AG offers you the best of both worlds to create robust, scalable IoT solutions that deliver value—fast. Both providers offer an open, interoperable approach that helps you build an enterprise-grade IoT environment with confidence.

Read this white paper to learn how the combination of Microsoft Azure and Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT platform can help you:
  • Simplify, connect, and manage IoT devices with open plug and play standards
  • Harness IoT data for real-time decisions, optimized asset management, and strategic planning
  • Apply machine learning and advanced data science to IoT data sets in the cloud and at the edge
  • Deploy a secure, resilient, and sustainable IoT solution

Whether you want to build new capabilities or extend your current IoT ecosystem, see what Microsoft and Software AG can offer together: a cost-effective platform that is easy to implement and maintain, enables you to build new customer-facing services, and provides fast time to value.  

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