How mature is your sustainability program? 

Complete our interactive Sustainability Maturity Assessment and see how your answers compare to IT decision makers from around the globe. 

Almost everyone agrees that sustainability is important and wants to commit to doing their part. But when the economic outlook is a bit shaky, that commitment gets put to the test. In our annual survey of IT decision makers, we asked the tough questions to see how they plan to invest in sustainability compared to initiatives like digital transformation that have a more-direct impact on the bottom line.

How they answer is a good indicator of the maturity of their sustainability programs. How about yours?

Take select questions from the survey and see how your answers stack up compared to IT decision-makers around the world. 

                The connection between digital transformation and sustainability

When the economy is questionable, the default is to start prioritizing some things and pushing back others. Projects that will have more of a long-term impact often take a back seat to those that need to get done today.


Sustainability initiatives may fall victim to that. (In fact, our annual survey of IT decision makers indicates this may already be happening – with 80% saying that the economy has forced sustainability to be a lower priority.)


However, in every challenge there is an opportunity. Companies will continue to invest in digital transformation projects (they must!) – and in making those investments, they may also be laying the groundwork for their sustainability programs.


It is the “Genius of the AND” instead of the “Tyranny of OR.” Dig into our body of research around this connection between digital transformation and sustainable through the materials below. 

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