The Reporting System at Software AG

                Our Reporting system

Software AG operates in many different countries and cultures while still acting as one company in the way we do business. One of the most important aspects of our job at Software AG is establishing and building trust with our customers, suppliers, partners, shareholders, and with each other. This is only possible through a joint commitment to handle the trust placed in us responsibly and to do everything to prevent unethical or illegal behavior.

To clarify ethical matters but also to report possible violations of human rights, applicable laws, or Software AG policies, we have established this digital reporting system to contact the Compliance Office. All reports are processed in strict confidence. For more information, please refer to the menu item "Privacy Policy".

                    Our Compliance Reporting

If you identify a violation of our Compliance Guidelines, we ask that you report it. We offer a state-of-the-art reporting system where you can submit your report completely anonymously if you wish. We are grateful for any information!

                    Usage of the Reporting System

These rules of procedure describe the main features of the Reporting System, how to access it, and the relevant responsibilities.

                    Our code of ethics

Social values also shape our international business activities, and that is why we introduced our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics back in 2011. Effective as of 2023, we have now updated these guidelines so as to continue ensuring responsible corporate governance within the framework of ethically correct conduct in Software AG’s day-to-day business and relationships with all of its stakeholders and their different cultures. The Code of Conduct is mandatory for all Software AG employees.

                    Our Supplier & Partner Code of Conduct

Mandatory element of the supplier onboarding process

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