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Software AG GB 2012, englisch

SOFTWARE AG | ANNUAL REPORT 2012 104 The platform integrates technology for processing event streams, generating maximum business intelligence in real time from the immense amounts of data. Software AG’s BigMemory technology is already in use at many large-scale enterprises that must keep many terabytes of data accessible in-memory. The planned functional enhancements to BigMemory include the in-flight process- ing of event streams, as well as services for profiling and aggregating data for real-time data analysis. In addition, Software AG will make it possible to process data from all data environments (transactional systems, analytical sys- tems, relational/non-relational databases, Hadoop/NoSQL and social network environments) in a common in-memory repository. Our vision is to build an in-memory platform for data man- agement that acts as a bridge between the requirements of transactional systems and analytical systems. Our integra- tive approach makes it possible to retrieve huge volumes of data from enterprise applications as well as analytical systems with low latency. In addition, the platform offers interfaces to a wide range of new and old data systems and analytical tools, creating a connection between the current IT landscape and the data world of tomorrow. my-Channels enhances big data strategy Acquiring smaller technology providers is part of our port- folio strategy to expand our position as a technology leader. In the context of this strategy, Software AG took over British technology provider my-Channels in April 2012, an impor- tant component of our portfolio for in-memory management At CeBIT, Software AG presented our strategy for next-gen- eration big-data management along with our latest product developments. Growing volumes of unstructured mass data present enterprises with enormous challenges. They also offer a great opportunity to extract and distribute basic busi- ness information in real time. Direct access to large amounts of data and real-time analysis of the data increase transpar- ency and enable quick decision-making and rapid response times. Therefore, high speed and scalability in evaluating data and providing the results to thousands of clients are critical success factors for enterprises. Enterprises need a comprehensive, universal approach to achieve cost-effec- tiveness and scalability. Terracotta BigMemory is the industry-leading in-memory data management solution for big data—a simple, highly scalable solution that easily integrates into existing IT envi- ronments and thus offers immediate benefits. In-memory technology can make access times for vast amounts of unstructured data from disparate sources up to 1,000 times faster than with conventional technologies. This allows cus- tomers real-time access to business information and sig- nificantly accelerates their decision-making processes. The transparency generated for real-time operational activities promotes new, innovative and highly flexible business pro- cesses. The heart of this strategy is a platform through which huge amounts of low-latency data can be retrieved from various data sources. Behind all of this is a platform that provides access to data in the multi-terabyte range—in any format and from all types of sources—using Terracotta BigMemory technology.