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Software AG GB 2012, englisch

SOFTWARE AG | ANNUAL REPORT 2012 120 SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Never before has the world been as globally connected as it is today. Globalization and digitization have led to enormous leaps in productivity. New products and services have emerged. Many processes have gotten faster and more efficient. New providers and consumers have improved prosperity in many places. But, at the same time, uncertainties and threats have also increased worldwide as a result of the financial crisis, climate change and terrorism. Moreover, market conditions in the IT industry are undergoing a major transformation. The simultaneous convergence of four IT megatrends is causing groundbreaking changes in the working world—a digital rev- olution that will have a varying degree of impact on every modern person in every industry, every business and every region of the world. The challenges are daunting and complex. They require joint responsible action from governments, industry and every indi- vidual. As a multinational company and technology leader, Software AG takes its social, ecological and political responsi- bility very seriously. Corporate responsibility is the guiding principle of our business conduct with customers, partners, investors and all other external stakeholders as well as of our internal communication and processes. In 2012 Software AG initiated its second idea competition at universities in Germany and abroad for CeBIT 2013. We again called on faculty and students in Germany and abroad to submit innovative exhibit entries that illustrate Software AG technology at work in the field of business process man- agement. The contest objectives were to present the ben- efits that customers reap from our portfolio visibly, tangibly, clearly and in a catchy way. It was an obvious success at CeBIT 2012. One model for the construction industry dem- onstrated how, using intelligent software, building parts and materials could be transported to the correct location at exactly the right time to be put together to make a section of a building. The idea competition offers prize money total- ing €10,000. It honors creative ideas that clearly depict a topic using our software and that also relate to Poland, which is the CeBIT 2013 partner country. Software AG won the trendence Employer Branding Award 2012 for its commitment to the academic sector through its University Relations program. With our innovative personnel marketing concept, we received second place in the Univer- sity Marketing category.