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Software AG GB 2012, englisch

CHANGE CREATES VALUE GROWTH BOOST FOR THE WHOLE COMPANY The excellent performance of the BPE business will speed up our Company’s growth for the long term. The other two business lines also contribute to our positive results. ETS continues to be a highly profitable base for Software AG. We will therefore not change the role of ADABAS and Natural. And, we will continue to incorporate the latest technology trends and developments into our database business. Our IDSC business line will concentrate on German-speaking markets with an increased focus on process consulting for SAP IT landscapes. Here we can take advantage of the combination of our industry expertise, process orientation and SAP know-how. CHANGE. CHALLENGE. CHANCE. SOFTWARE AG CAN UTILIZE ITS POSITION OF STRENGTH TO REACH A NEW DIMENSION OF GROWTH. SOFTWARE AG’S GLOBAL PRESENCE USA South America Europe Middle East Asia Australia 17