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Software AG GB 2012, englisch

20 SOFTWARE AG | ANNUAL REPORT 2012 CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY WE LIVE IN A FAST-PACED ERA THAT IS CHARACTERIZED BY UNCERTAINTY AND PRESSURES ASSOCIATED WITH CHANGE. IT REQUIRES SOCIAL RE- SPONSIBILITY FROM EVERY INDIVIDUAL AND EVERY ORGANIZATION. Software AG takes this task seriously and makes long-lasting contributions to creating a sustain- able society in a variety of fields. Our definition of “sustainability” is acting responsibly for long-term economic success in harmony with employees, customers, partners, society and the environment. A prerequisite for that is conscious respect. Values like trust, respect, open communication and tolerance shape our work and our increasingly global operations. We instituted a Code of Conduct which takes different cultures into account. The Code of Conduct outlines internal values and rules and establishes a Company-wide foundation for respectful interaction and responsible behavior. The most important asset of a service company are its employees, their expertise, motivation and ability to innovate. Software AG is an attractive employer. As such we have created a productive, innovation-driving workplace that offers flexibility for self-initiated activities and creativity as well as job security and international career opportunities. We are committed to promoting education and innovation. We rec- ognize the importance of software for strategic economic policy. Examples of Software AG’s social commitment are our active par- ticipation in the annual German IT Summit, in a regional software cluster and in the BITKOM industry association. Education and life-long learning are basic tenants of our knowledge society and essential for securing Germany’s role as a center of business. We therefore endorse universities and schools and build on international partnerships between companies and a regional competency cluster. As a leading provider of highly complex IT sys- tems and high-quality services, it is in our interest to promote young highly skilled professionals and to contribute to the competitiveness of our economy. Software AG is playing a key role in the change in energy policy in Germany: Karl-Heinz Streibich explains our display of intelligent, software-driven grids to politicians Brigitte Zypries and Frank-Walter Steinmeier.