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Software AG GB 2012, englisch

48 SOFTWARE AG | ANNUAL REPORT 2012 For more details on the members of the Group Executive Board and their specific areas of responsibility, please visit SUPERVISORY BOARD The Supervisory Board appoints monitors and advises the Management Board. The Manage- ment Board reports to the Supervisory Board regularly, in a timely manner and comprehensively on the Company’s performance, strategy, planning, risk situation, risk management and compli- ance. The Supervisory Board determines the remuneration of the members of the Management Board in accordance with the proposal of the Committee for Compensation and Succession Issues. It decides on the Management Board’s remuneration system and reviews it regularly. The Chairman of the Supervisory Board coordinates the work of the Supervisory Board, leads its meetings and maintains contact with the Chairman of the Management Board between Supervisory Board meetings to discuss the Company’s strategy, planning, business performance, risk situation, risk management and compliance. The Chairman of the Management Board informs him without delay of any important events, which are relevant to the assessment of the Company’s position and performance and to the leadership of Software AG. Transactions that require the approval of the Supervisory Board are listed in the Rules of Procedure of the Management Board. If necessary, the Supervisory Board meets without the Management Board. In fiscal year 2012, the following were shareholder representative members to the Supervisory Board: Andreas Bereczky (CEO, production director at ZDF), Willi Berchtold (businessman), Heinz Otto Geidt (director of Asset Management at Software AG Foundation), Hermann Requardt (member of the management board of Siemens AG, CEO of Healthcare, director of Corporate Technology), Anke Schäferkordt (member of the management board of Bertelsmann AG; CEO, RTL Group) and Alf Henryk Wulf (chairman of the board of Alstom Deutschland AG). The employees of Software AG and its subsidiaries in Germany elected their representatives to the Supervisory Board on August 27, 2010. In the year under review, the following were employee representative members to the Supervisory Board: Peter Gallner (trade union sec- retary of Vereinte Dienstleistungsgewerkschaft ver.di), Dietlind Hartenstein (employee of Soft- ware AG), Monika Neumann (Dep. Chairwoman of the Superisory Board, employee of SAG Deutschland GmbH and Chairwoman of the Software AG General Works Council), Roland Schley (employee of Software AG), Martin Sperber-Tertsunen (trade union secretary of IG Metall) and Karl Wagner (employee of Software AG).