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Software AG GB 2012, englisch

SOFTWARE AG | ANNUAL REPORT 2012 96 Everyone can feel the dramatic transformation heralded by the megatrends. Each and every one of these trends by itself is a powerful force for change. Together, they are starting a revolution in the working world and our modern living envi- ronment, known by the technical term “disruptive change.” These disruptive technologies like big data or cloud comput- ing provide a huge boost for innovation. We at Software AG are convinced that we must find the boldness to transform these innovative technologies into tangible solutions. We are doing this with our multifaceted research and development activities and close cooperation with partners and research institutions. The pressure to change will grow for businesses worldwide, making Soft- ware AG’s agility layer more important. Also, the new trend technologies are integrated into the development of our BPE products. Building on our many years of practical experience, we are developing the products further in order to expand our leading market position and open up new user groups in the existing customer base. Software AG’s brand promise is this: Companies that need agile processes, better decision-making, and software with high availability need Software AG’s solutions. We help cus- tomers fully implement the four megatrends—social, mobile, cloud, and big data—so that their Digital Enterprise can act faster in the changing markets. for process optimization, integration, big data and transac- tions quickly make the measures needed for efficient busi- ness processes transparent so that they can be transferred to the IT layer smoothly. This opens up a modern, flexible and cost-effective way to continuously and successfully adapt organizations to dynamic markets. The power of the four megatrends Analysts around the world are evaluating the latest techno- logical changes that are upending the market and rating their potential. Well-known U.S. analyst Gartner has defined these IT trends as the nexus of forces: Social Collaboration MobileCloud Computing Big Data