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Software AG GB 2012, englisch

06 HIGHLIGHTS 08 LETTER FROM THE MANAGEMENT BOARD 12 THE COMPANY 38 SOFTWARE AG SHARE 46 CORPORATE GOVERNANCE 58 REPORT OF THE SUPERVISORY BOARD 68 GROUP MANAGEMENT REPORT 155 CONSOLIDATED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS 245 FURTHER INFORMATION 97 Expenditures for research and development In today’s globalized world, where one technology trend displaces another ever more quickly and the pace of change is intensified exponentially by the four megatrends, software companies must launch product innovations regularly in order to continue to grow profitably. As an innovation leader with strong market orientation, we seek to steadily improve and expand our product offerings for customers. That is why research and development (R&D) is a key part of our busi- ness and growth strategy at Software AG. In 2012, we steadily invested in transforming the Company and thus in our new growth phase, focusing the majority of our investment on research and development (R&D). The continued development of innovative products is a key growth driver for our expanding BPE business line—already the strongest one—which will contribute an ever larger share of the Group revenue and earnings in the future. In addition, we will maintain our cost-optimizing R&D activities for the high-margin ETS department to ensure that traditional data management software remains a solid cornerstone of our business. This is the foundation on which we can extend our technological lead in the market. Software AG significantly expanded our R&D expenditures in fiscal year 2012: They rose by 15 percent to €101.1 million (2011: €88.0 million). A total of 887 R&D employees work for the Software AG Group in 13 locations worldwide. This requires a great degree of global coordination, communication and interac- tion. The use of collaboration tools makes it easier for employees around the world to interact directly with each other electronically. The R&D department benefits from the inspiration and varied impressions of customer segments in other countries. This global distribution helps us exploit greater cost benefits and individual expertise internationally, because each location can focus on certain products or prod- uct groups. As part of the U.S. initiative introduced in 2012, we have greatly expanded our presence in Silicon Valley and com- bined forces in the R&D department. This helps us identify technology trends even earlier and put them into action promptly. Because not only is the United States still the largest IT market, but also Silicon Valley sets trends and drives innovation for the entire industry. BPE business line—R&D overview We want to be the innovation leader in all segments in which our Company operates. On this basis, we are pursuing long-term technology and market leadership in several areas of enterprise software—an essential component of our long- term growth strategy. We are relying on a mix of targeted customer-centric development of existing Business Process Excellence (BPE) solutions, development of technological product innovations and detection of new market trends, in particular through our greater presence in California. Furthermore, we are selectively complementing our offer- ings by acquiring new companies to integrate their tech- nologies into our BPE process and integration software port- folio and then further develop them. We also gain valuable inspiration from our close cooperation with colleges and technology partners. THE SOFTWARE AG GROUP 69 ECONOMIC CONDITIONS 78 BUSINESS TREND AND ECONOMIC SITUATION 80 FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE 82 FINANCIAL POSITION 89 FINANCIAL STATEMENTS OF SOFTWARE AG 92 (PARENT COMPANY) ADDITIONAL EARNINGS-RELATED FACTORS 95 TAKEOVER-RELATED DISCLOSURES 125 REMUNERATION REPORT 127 RISK REPORT 139 EVENTS AFTER THE BALANCE SHEET DATE 149 FORECAST 151