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SAG QB1 2013, englisch

Software AG | Interim Management Report 1/2013 4 Contents Interim Management Report 05 _SIGNIFICANT EVENTS DURING THE REPoRTING PERIOD 08 _FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE 13 _FINANCIAL POSITION 14 _EMPLOYEES 15 _OPPORTUNITIES AND RISKS 15 _EVENTS AFTER THE ­BALANCE SHEET DATE 15 _OUTLOOK interim Financial Statements 16 _CONSOLIDATED INCOME STATEMENT 17 _Statement of comprehensive income 18 _CONSOLIDATED BALANCE SHEET 20 _CONSOLIDATED STATEMENT OF CASH FLOWS 22 _Consolidated Statement of changes in equity Notes to the Interim Financial Statements 24 _General 26 _NOTES TO THE CONSOLIDATED BALANCE SHEET 27 _OTHER DISCLOSURES Preliminary Remarks This quarterly report contains forward-looking statements. They are based on plans, estimates and projections that are currently available to Software AG’s management. Forward-looking statements therefore apply only to the date on which they were made. Software AG accepts no obligation to develop forward-looking statements based on new information or future events. Forward- looking statements by nature contain factors of risk and uncertainty. A number of important factors can contribute to actual results deviating considerably from forward-looking statements. All of the information in this report that does not represent forward-looking statements relates to the situation on March 31, 2013, or the first quarter of the current fiscal year ended on that date, unless ­otherwise stated. Software AG’s segment reporting is prepared in accordance with IFRS 8 (Segment Reporting). Segmentation is by business line and corresponds to the Group’s internal controlling and reporting lines. Accordingly, Software AG reports on the follow- ing business lines: Business Process Excellence (BPE—with the webMethods, ARIS and Terracotta product families), Enterprise Transaction Systems (ETS—with the ADABAS-Natural product families) and Consulting (all consulting services offered by the Company independent of products as of the 2013 fiscal year). 4