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Software AG interim report 2 2013

12 Software AG | Interim Report 2/2013 Exchange rate effects Currency split YTD 2013 37 % Revenue in € 63 % Revenue in other currencies The effect of exchange rates on Software AG’s global sales was greater in the second quarter of 2013 than in the first. This was primarily because of the continuing strength of the euro. In total, currency effects on Group revenue were €− 7.5 mil- lion. All three types of revenue were burdened, but license revenue most of all with €− 4.1 million. The effects on main- tenance and consulting revenue were €− 2.6 million and €− 0.8 million respectively. The eurozone’s contribution to revenue in the second quar- ter fell to 37 percent (2012: 38 percent), which shows a slightly decreased dependency on the euro compared to the previous year. BRL 8 % ILS 6 % AUD 6 % GBP 5 % CAD 3 % ZAR 3 % Other 9 % EUR 37 % U.S. dollar 23 % 2 FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE 2.1 Sales by revenue type Total revenue Software AG reported total revenue of €237.7 million (2012: €258.6 million) in the second quarter of 2013. This is a 6-per- cent increase over the first quarter of the year (Q1: €224.9 million). Group product revenue (licenses plus maintenance) was €169.1 million (2012: €175.5 million) and accounted for about 71 percent (2012: 68 percent) of total revenue. The revenue mix therefore further improved, shifting in favor of growth-­ driving, high-margin license and maintenance revenue. Global license revenue held steady with the same quarter last year at €75.8 million (2012: €76.0 million); at constant currency there was a 5-percent increase. License revenue in the second quarter developed atypically. While the ETS database business received customer orders relatively early in the year, a major BPE license agreement was concluded in the U.S. shortly after quarter’s end. Maintenance revenue for the Group was in line with that of the previous quarter (€93.5 million) at €93.4 million (2012: €99.5 million). Software AG also made further inroads to becoming the market leader of Business Process Excellence (BPE). Inten- sified R&D activities made Software AG the global leader in integration software in BPE, as recognized by a recent study by independent industry analysts. Software AG laid the foun- dation in the first half of 2013 for above-average BPE growth in the future.