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SAG QB3 2013, englisch

38 SOFTWARE AG | INTERIM REPORT 3/2013 The segment contribution does not include the amortization expense associated with acquisitions of intangible assets. These charges are therefore shown separately under “reconciliation.” This presentation corresponds with internal control and reporting lines (management approach). The business lines (segments) are managed on the basis of their segment contribution. Research and development costs are subsequently allocated to the business lines and have no impact on internal management. [9] Contingent liabilities As of September 30, 2013, no provisions had been recognized for the following contingent liabilities, expressed at their nominal amounts, since it appeared unlikely that any claims would be asserted: in € thousands Sept. 30, 2013 Dec. 31, 2012 Sept. 30, 2012 Contingent liabilities 2,598 0 0 The carrying amount of collateral received was €51 thousand (2012: €28 thousand). Disclosures on leases The Group’s rental agreements and operating leases relate chiefly to office space, vehicles and IT equipment. Lease pay- ments under operating leases are recognized as an expense over the term of the lease. in € thousands Up to 1 year >1 to 5 years > 5 years Total Contractually agreed payments (gross amount) 8,109 54,682 10,890 73,681 Estimated income from subleases 600 5,360 0 5,960 Contractually agreed payments (net amount) 7,509 49,322 10,890 67,721