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SOA products added to portfolio
One of the distinctive qualities of Software AG is the close ties between marketing, distribution, and R&D. This leads to marketable products with corresponding sales potential. In the third quarter, we introduced product expansions in both business lines in response to the high level of interest in service-oriented architectures.

Version 5.1 of our ApplinX technology allows legacy systems to be prepared for service-oriented architectures or the Internet more quickly and simply.

Version 2.1 of our CentraSite SOA solution represents the second generation of the product developed jointly with Fujitsu. The new version improves transparency and monitoring of service-oriented architectures and enables more efficient reuse of SOA services.

CentraSite promotes cross-company cooperation
We worked together with Fujitsu to start the CentraSite Community, the first standards-based SOA forum. The Community is a forum for customers and partners offering a platform for cooperation. The goal of the CentraSite Community is to provide compatible SOA solutions for the purpose of advancing the implementation of SOA environments. The Community consists of a total of 17 renowned companies and organizations, including IDS Scheer and the Hasso-Plattner-Institute.

  Interim Report Q3/06 (PDF)
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