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ARIS Business Architect for SAP | ARIS BI Modeler

ARIS BI Modeler

Quickly redocument, harmonize & design your SAP® BI Business Warehouse (BW) landscape

ARIS BI Modeler automatically redocuments your existing SAP BI landscape to help you cut operating costs and reduce the time and complexity of BI consolidation projects.

BI redocumentation

ARIS BI Modeler extracts data flows and structures from the SAP BI systems via a one-way interface and then models them in ARIS. These models provide the starting point for planning and implementing an Enterprise Data Warehouse using ARIS BI Modeler. Data structures and data flows are presented in a user-friendly way with an SAP “look and feel.”

Along with redocumenting data flow, ARIS BI Modeler also documents BEx reports and also business content (or reference models).

SAP BI overview

Fast BI harmonization

ARIS BI Modeler helps you quickly identify how to harmonize and consolidate multiple SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse systems. The software offers automatic system comparison of data structures, audit-proof versioning of different BI system states as well as a graphical display of comparison results.

Central ARIS repository

The resulting views of your SAP BI systems, along with existing SAP BI implementation detail and all SAP BI objects, are stored in the central ARIS repository. You can reference them at any time and integrate them with business processes generated from ARIS for SAP.

Reports & data used within a business process

Support for Enterprise Data Warehouse design

Use SAP BW metadata in ARIS to plan your enterprise data warehouse structures. You can map your entire SAP NetWeaver BW solution using ARIS models and see integrated BI information using a business process view. Quickly create rough or detailed concepts of the data warehouse as well as generate design specification documentation.


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