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Certification Exams

Earn the Recognition You Deserve

Do you want to validate the skills of employees to ensure you have the knowledge to deliver top quality projects?

Product Certification is available from 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm on Monday, October 13.

Exams must be scheduled and paid for in advance. Exam Candidates should arrive 20 minutes before their scheduled exam and be prepared to show a valid Drivers License or passport.

Price: $480

The Software AG Certification Program establishes standards for knowledge and skills to successfully implement mission-critical IT systems using Software AG technology.

Key benefits of becoming certified are:

  • Recognition of your knowledge and proficiency
  • Validation of expertise and skills upon passing the proctored exams
  • Designation as Software AG Certified Professional
  • Delivery of quality projects faster with trained and certified team members

Available certifications include:

Don't let your certifications become outdated
Exams are constantly revised with new technology updates. Assure certifications remain relevant and employees have up-to-date credentials by re-taking the exams as new skills are added.

Keep your certification current!

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