Cognizant with KeyBank:

Providing Real-Time Offers and Discovering Code Halos™ with KeyBank and Cognizant

1:30 pm - 2:15 pm · October 14, 2014

Meeting the needs of today's consumers requires proactive, predictive, and instant marketing of products and service offerings. Financial companies are developing the latest cutting edge techniques that will allow their business to cater directly to the personal profile of each of their customers. Cognizant recognizes this shift in information management as the utilization of "Code Halos", the information that surrounds people, organizations, processes, and products. In this presentation, discover how KeyBank has worked with Cognizant to provide Real-Time Offers (RTOs) to its customers by tapping into the Code Halos of their clients. Learn the powerful enterprise role webMethods products played and the incredible values adds gained from this award winning solution.

Anurag Sharma,
Enterprise Strategy, Data, and Architecture Services, KeyBank

Adam Spencer,
Enterprise Integration and Collaboration Services, KeyBank

Alfredo Reyes,
Business Process Integration (BPI) Practice Head NA, Cognizant Technology Solutions