ARIS Business Strategy

Define the right strategy the right way.


See how ARIS Business Strategy helps you achieve operational excellence

To bridge the gap between your strategy and operations, ARIS Business Strategy offers easy-to-use diagrams as well as user management and dashboard features. ARIS Business Strategy is designed for strategists who want to analyze a company’s overall as-is status and performance, design appropriate strategies and support the implementation of those strategies while keeping organizational structures and processes in mind.

Business model generation

Business models describe how organizations create, deliver and capture value. The business model canvas in ARIS Business Strategy enables strategists to describe:

  • Key activities, partners and resources
  • Value propositions
  • Customer relationships
  • Customer segment channels
  • Cost structures
  • Revenue streams

This canvas is the starting point for innovative business model generation and your jumping point into organizational models using value chain diagrams and organizational charts.

Balanced Scorecard for business strategy implementation

A Balanced Scorecard is a strategic planning and management system to align business activities with your company’s strategy and monitor organizational performance against strategic goals. With ARIS Business Strategy, you can rapidly implement an enterprise-wide Balanced Scorecard. ARIS Business Strategy provides the capabilities you need define and measure your Balanced Scorecard via cause-and-effect diagrams, KPI allocation diagrams and signal lights to indicate your organization’s current performance.

Strategy diagrams

One main challenge for strategists is to define the right strategy. Another is to define the strategy right. Define your company’s strategy across all required facets using the business segment matrix and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) allocation model. You also can use this new set of modeling capabilities:

  • Business model canvas
  • Strategy diagram
  • Strategy allocation diagrams
  • SWOT diagram

The different diagrams are linked and repository-based to create one single source of truth. That’s how ARIS Business Strategy assures your strategy modeling is ready for future use and strategy implementation—not only for short-term presentations.

Dashboards to control strategy effectiveness

To make strategy design and implementation successful, you need to keep your top-level management informed on a regular basis. With ARIS MashZone, you can do just that.

ARIS Business Strategy integrates ARIS MashZone so managers can visualize corporate strategy effectiveness and relevant metrics using dashboards. You can control and analyze your strategic goals and KPIs designed with ARIS Business Strategy immediately by using ARIS MashZone.


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